Bohnenkamp Celebrates BKT's Commitment to Social Responsibility at the 2024 Marketing Event

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Bohnenkamp Benelux B.V.
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February 1, 2024

Bohnenkamp Benelux B.V. recently shared insights from their participation in the BKT Marketing Event 2024, underscoring the tyre manufacturer's dedication to growth, environmental sustainability, and community welfare.

The event, which took place this year, was attended by Bohnenkamp AG's marketing specialists, including Manon Albinus, Henrik Schmudde, and Frank Hoersting, who returned with a renewed appreciation for BKT's ethos of 'Growing together'.

A Partnership Built on Shared Values

Bohnenkamp Benelux B.V., a key importer of BKT Tyres, has long recognized the brand's quality and its value to customers. However, the BKT Marketing Event 2024 offered deeper insights into the company's mission beyond financial success. "BKT's motto 'Growing together' is so much more than a nice marketing promise," said Manon Albinus, reflecting on the event's theme, 'Horizons, future thinkers'.

Beyond Financial Growth

The event highlighted BKT's comprehensive approach to social responsibility, featuring:

  • Sustainable Energy Solutions: BKT's in-house energy factory significantly reduces its reliance on external power sources, showcasing an impressive commitment to self-sustainability.
  • Water Conservation Efforts: Through its circular water process and two large basins, BKT achieves 100% water self-sufficiency, a remarkable feat considering the challenging drought conditions in India.
  • Environmental Initiatives: The planting of almost half a million trees at the BKT site underscores the company's efforts to improve air quality and overall life quality.
  • Community Support: BKT's sponsorship of the Akshaya Patra kitchen, providing 28,000 daily meals to impoverished schoolchildren, highlights its role in promoting education through nutritional support.

Praise for BKT's Holistic Approach

The BKT Marketing Event not only showcased innovative marketing strategies but also emphasized the company's significant social contributions. "The hospitality was great, and everything was very well arranged," Albinus noted, commending the BKT team, including Lucia Salmaso, Gabriella Usiello, and others, for their exceptional planning and execution.

Frank Hoersting, Manon Albinus and Henrik Schmudde, returned with a renewed appreciation for BKT's ethos of 'Growing together'

"BKT proves that economic success and social responsibility go hand in hand," Albinus added, expressing pride in Bohnenkamp's partnership with BKT. The event served as a testament to BKT's commitment to its employees, the environment, and the global community, aligning perfectly with Bohnenkamp Benelux B.V.'s values and reinforcing the bond between the two companies.

Bohnenkamp Benelux B.V. looks forward to continuing its fruitful relationship with BKT, driving forward a shared vision of sustainable and responsible growth in the tyre industry.


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