BKT Tires Earn Prestigious “DLG-APPROVED” Quality Mark for Superior Performance

BKT, has announced that two of its products have been awarded the "DLG-APPROVED" quality mark. The AGRIMAX V-FLECTO tires, sizes VF 650/65 R 42 and VF 540/65 R 30, received this prestigious recognition from the DLG Test Center Technology and Farm Inputs, an independent German testing institute.

The award underscores the tires' exceptional capabilities in reducing soil compaction, lowering fuel consumption, and offering self-cleaning properties and user-friendliness. These features are crucial for modern agriculture, emphasising sustainable and efficient farming practices.

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BKT Tires
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December 5, 2023

Groundbreaking Performance in Field Testing

The DLG Test Center conducted rigorous field tests on these BKT tires, focusing on their performance under various operational conditions. The AGRIMAX V-FLECTO tires were tested on Fendt 724 Vario (Gen6) and Fendt Vario 828 tractors, evaluating their footprint area and ground pressure at different depths to gauge their impact on soil compaction.

Parallel laboratory tests further assessed the tires' traction, fuel efficiency, and self-cleaning capabilities. These comprehensive evaluations established the AGRIMAX V-FLECTO tires as a benchmark in the industry, particularly excelling in the DLG test modules of "Resource Protection" and "User friendliness."

Significant Reduction in Soil Compaction and Fuel Consumption

Notably, the AGRIMAX V-FLECTO tires demonstrated a 16% lower ground pressure than other tested tires, including premium and budget brands, at an inflation pressure of 0.6 bar. This result translates to a substantial reduction in soil compaction, a key factor for sustainable farming.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the BKT tires showed a 5% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the least performing VF tire among competitors. This efficiency is particularly significant for contractors operating multiple pieces of equipment, with potential savings of up to 450 liters of fuel per day for a fleet of 30 tractors.

Exceptional Self-Cleaning Ability

The AGRIMAX V-FLECTO tires also stood out for their remarkable self-cleaning ability, picking up the least amount of soil compared to competitors. This feature not only enhances productivity but also helps in keeping roads clean, complying with public road cleaning regulations.

"Our commitment to research and development of cutting-edge solutions is evidenced by the superlative performance of our AGRIMAX V-FLECTO tires, representing the most advanced expression of our vision. Reduced operating costs and a positive impact on the environment are the result of technology that caters for the present and future needs of modern agriculture. We will continue to do our best to make sure that our tires are synonymous with excellence and an unparalleled added value for our customers worldwide."  

Lucia Salmaso, Managing Director of BKT Europe

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