BKT Spearheads Social Change Through Sports on International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

In a remarkable commitment to fostering societal well-being and community upliftment, BKT, a leading Off-Highway tire manufacturer, celebrates the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

With a profound belief in the unifying and transformative power of sports, BKT has dedicated itself to promoting social inclusion, health, and well-being across communities worldwide, leveraging its extensive network of sports partnerships and sponsorships.

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April 6, 2024

BKT's endeavors extend far beyond its acclaimed status in the tire manufacturing industry, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to social enhancement through sports. Recognizing the unique ability of sports to bridge divides and foster a sense of community, BKT, in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the United Nations, underscores the significance of sports in driving positive societal changes.

Lucia Salmaso, Managing Director of BKT Europe, encapsulates the company’s ethos, stating, "For BKT, sport is a lever by which we want to help generate positive change to make the world a better place. Partnerships are a powerful tool that allows us to pursue our goal of being recognized by fans and enthusiasts not just as mere partners, but as a driver of change that can improve the lives of people and the entire community."

Highlighting its commitment, BKT's Field Factor Initiative and collaboration with One Team exemplify how sports can catalyse urban redevelopment and social inclusion. The 'Fattore Campo' Initiative, for instance, has already revitalised urban spaces in four Italian cities, creating inclusive play and leisure areas. Moreover, partnerships with One Team have revitalised urban spaces in cities like Istanbul, Athens, and soon, Berlin, showcasing the power of basketball in uniting communities.

BKT's efforts are not confined to current projects; the company eagerly anticipates launching further initiatives in France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. These future endeavours aim to bolster local communities through sports, in collaboration with BKT-sponsored leagues such as Ligue 2 BKT and the BKT United Rugby Championship.

BKT's holistic approach to corporate social responsibility, exemplified by its robust support for sports, mirrors its corporate motto, "Growing Together." By creating safe, inclusive environments where individuals are encouraged to engage in sports, BKT envisions a world where the joy and benefits of sports are accessible to all. This vision aligns with the broader objective of leveraging sports as a pivotal force for global development and peace, marking a significant stride towards a more inclusive and harmonious world.

To learn more about BKT's social activities, visit: https://sponsorship.bkt-tires.com/  

To find out about the Field Factor project in Italy, visit: https://fattorecampo.org/

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