BKT Identifies Key Agricultural Trends for 2024

In a comprehensive analysis, BKT, has outlined the ten major trends expected to shape European agriculture in 2024.

This initiative by BKT, renowned for its expertise in Off-Highway tyre manufacturing, particularly in agriculture, provides insightful predictions amidst a backdrop of climate instability, geopolitical tensions, and fluctuating market dynamics.

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January 31, 2024

Conservation Tillage on the Rise

Embracing sustainable agriculture, BKT foresees a significant increase in conservation tillage practices, such as no-till farming and crop rotation. This shift, in line with EU policies, aims to enhance soil biodiversity and topsoil regeneration, marking a move towards regenerative agriculture.

Fluctuating Crop Prices

2024 is expected to witness a rise in the prices of key crops like corn, barley, wheat, and soybeans across Europe. This trend is attributed to ongoing geopolitical conflicts and potential declines in overseas production, leading to a volatile but upward price trajectory.

Cover Crops Gaining Popularity

In an effort to boost soil fertility and offset the costs of chemical fertilisers, the use of cover crops is anticipated to grow. This includes a rise in silage crop production, especially alfalfa, furthering agricultural sustainability.

Continued Use of Glyphosate

Despite controversies, glyphosate usage has been extended till December 2034, ensuring the persistence of conventional weed management methods alongside the growing trend of alternative and organic farming practices.

Precision Farming Technologies Advance

There is an expected surge in the adoption of digitised, precision farming technologies. These user-friendly and affordable tools will enable more precise management of resources like water, pesticides, and fertilisers, enhancing overall productivity and yield quality.

Decline in Traditional Tillage

Corresponding with predictions of lower rainfall, traditional tillage methods are set to decrease, giving way to minimum tillage practices that are less disruptive to the soil.

Variable Rate Technology in Precision Farming

The growth of Variable Rate Technology (VRT) in precision farming will allow for more efficient application of resources in agriculture, reducing the need for multiple machinery passes and constant rate adjustments.

Strong Used Farm Tractor Market

The market for used farm tractors is expected to remain robust, a trend influenced by delays in farm equipment overhauls and a slowdown in demand for new tractors following recent sales booms.

Growth in IoT Device Market

The Internet of Things (IoT) device market is likely to see modest growth. These devices, equipped with sensors for real-time data collection, are set to revolutionise tasks like soil, livestock, and plant monitoring, facilitating remote farm management and reducing operational costs.

Energy Transition in Agricultural Equipment

A significant shift towards electric solutions in agricultural equipment is anticipated, with a move away from hydraulic and mechanical controls. This transition aligns with the broader trend towards environmental sustainability in agriculture.

BKT emphasises that despite uncertainties, 2024 will be a pivotal year in agriculture, marked by technological advancements and a continued focus on sustainability, mirroring the core values of BKT itself.

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