Big Motoring World Enhances Efficiency with Advanced TreadReader Technology

Big Motoring World, a prominent name in the UK’s pre-owned car market, has recently integrated the innovative TreadReader 3D DriveOver ramp system at its national preparation centre in Peterborough. This move marks a significant step in enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the company's operations.

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January 16, 2024

Investment in Cutting-edge Technology

The £14 million investment in the new Peterborough facility underscores Big Motoring World’s commitment to providing exceptional support to its rapidly growing dealership network across the UK. The state-of-the-art centre boasts a comprehensive production line, including 70 ramps for maintenance and inspection, and 15 MOT bays dedicated to pre-delivery inspections and tyre checks.

Transforming Tyre Inspection with TreadReader

Operations Director Bob Ruprah highlighted the transformative impact of the TreadReader DriveOver ramps, “We prepare over 200 cars a day at the Peterborough centre. The TreadReader DriveOver ramps have proved to be a game-changer in taking fast and accurate tyre tread readings.” The installation of four DriveOver ramps at the facility ensures that each car's tyre tread data is captured precisely as it enters and exits the preparation phase.

Seamless Integration and Accurate Data Capture

This surface-mounted system revolutionises the tyre inspection process by measuring each tyre's tread as the car drives over a pressure switch. The gathered data is instantly posted to the parts department, streamlining the replacement tyre ordering process. Additionally, detailed tyre conditions are displayed on Big Motoring World’s website, offering prospective customers transparency on each vehicle’s tyre status.

Enhancing Speed, Accuracy, and Safety

Before the adoption of TreadReader ramps, tyre inspection was a manual process prone to human error and delays. “Now, with the DriveOver system, tread depths are instantly scanned and recorded with 100% accuracy, and tyre orders are placed internally using the API,” Ruprah explains. The TreadReader software processes tyre data, providing 3D renders and colour-coded tread depth measurements, significantly improving accuracy over traditional methods.

Customer Understanding and Road Safety

Richard Crummack, TreadReader Area Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland, emphasizes the role of the technology in improving road safety and customer understanding. “The TreadReader system is designed to improve road safety by providing fast, accurate information and guarding against issues like aquaplaning,” says Crummack.

A Leap Towards Enhanced Service Quality

Operating from 11 locations in the UK and boasting an impressive stock of over 6,000 vehicles, Big Motoring World remains a leader in the industry, with accolades such as Used Car Supermarket of the Year and Dealer Website of the Year. This latest technological advancement further cements its position as a forward-thinking and customer-centric organisation in the automotive sector.

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