Beyond Performance: How Yokohama's ADVAN Tyres are Transforming Porsche's Cayenne

Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., has just disclosed its partnership with German automaker, Porsche AG. The news revolves around Yokohama's ultra-high-performance ADVAN Sport V107 tyres, which are now the chosen original equipment (OE) for Porsche's facelift model of the Cayenne.

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Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd
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August 8, 2023

Porsche's revamped Cayenne will showcase 285/40R22 110Y front tyres complemented by 315/35R22 111Y rear tyres. For the uninitiated, these specifications might sound like technical jargon, but for car enthusiasts, they represent optimal performance, superior handling, and an exquisite drive experience.

The ADVAN Sport V107 falls under YOKOHAMA's prestigious ADVAN brand umbrella - their global flagship tyre brand. These tyres are not just regular rubber; they're tailor-made for the crème de la crème of cars: premium high-performance vehicles, their SUV counterparts, and the increasingly popular premium EVs.

And if you're wondering about the tyre's credentials, here's something to ponder upon: its development isn't a solo act. The tyre underwent joint development efforts with leading car manufacturers, including Porsche. In fact, it faced its trials at Yokohama Rubber's testing centre situated in the Nürburgring - a track often labeled as the world's toughest.

The Cayenne-specific ADVAN Sport V107 is no exception. With a uniquely designed tread pattern, it promises drivers a peaceful, quiet ride. Its specialized groove area and compounds are finetuned to offer stellar performance, be it on a bone-dry highway or a rain-soaked city street. The tyre also benefits from Yokohama Rubber's proprietary mound profile technology, ensuring an even surface contact pressure that boosts both its dry performance and wear resistance.

But that's not all. Dive deeper, and you find that the tyre's carcass material - its internal skeleton - incorporates a specific material aimed at enhancing steering stability, a must-have for high-octane premium cars like the Cayenne.

For the keen-eyed, the tyre's sidewall holds a special badge of honor: Porsche's "NCO" mark. This emblem is not just for show; it signifies Porsche's nod to a select elite of tyre manufacturers who have the privilege to be OE tyre providers for the iconic car brand.

Yokohama's recent strides align seamlessly with its three-year medium-term strategy, termed the Yokohama Transformation 2023 (YX2023). Here, the primary focus is clear: propel sales of their high-value-added tyres, specifically highlighting their ADVAN and GEOLANDAR brands. By aligning with premium vehicles as their OE choice, Yokohama aims to solidify its position in the upper echelons of the tyre world.

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