Takes Strides Towards Suicide Prevention: Launching Online Support and Training

In a step towards mental health advocacy,, a leading light in the automotive industry, has launched an extensive month-long campaign surrounding suicide prevention. With an aim to bring attention to this grave matter and emphasise the support structures available through the charity, Ben has enriched its website with an array of new resources and training.

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September 4, 2023

Ben's New Suicide Prevention Hub

The charity has unveiled a dedicated [section on its website]( focused solely on suicide prevention. It serves as a comprehensive guide providing:

- A deep dive into the topic of suicide prevention.
- Accessible resources and leaflets for everyone - from concerned individuals to employers.
- Crucial contact information to ensure immediate assistance.
- Pertinent training and service details aimed at employers to empower them to aid their employees.
- Heartfelt real-life stories, like that of Tracey, reflecting the painful aftermath of such tragedies.

Why the Automotive Industry Should Pay Heed

The disturbing statistics from the ONS in 2021 highlighted that 6,567 lives were tragically lost to suicide in the UK. Alarmingly, males aged 45-49 recorded the highest suicide rates in England and Wales. With 126 UK residents succumbing to suicide weekly, and a staggering 74% being male, the gravity of the situation becomes evident.

The automotive sector, predominantly male with an 80:20 male to female ratio, emerges as an industry potentially more susceptible to these concerns. Owing to societal pressures and preconceived notions, men often [shy away from expressing their vulnerabilities]( This, combined with the increased likelihood of turning to detrimental habits like alcohol misuse -- which can amplify suicide risks by eight times - creates a dire need for intervention.

Ben's helpline sadly reflects these grim statistics. The organization noticed a spike in distress calls centered around suicide. In 2022 alone, 303 individuals reached out with disclosures of suicidal ideation or intent.

Employers' Pivotal Role

Employers within the automotive sector can wield considerable influence in dismantling mental health stigmas, especially concerning male employees. According to Ben's 2023 survey report, an alarming 1 in 3 automotive workers grapple with mental health challenges, contrasting starkly with the 1 in 6 prevalence in the broader UK workforce.

To equip these employers, Ben offers a range of training and services:

- The recently introduced online Suicide Awareness and Prevention training.
- Comprehensive courses like Suicide First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, and Managing Mental Health in the Workplace.
- The pivotal Urgent Response Service offering employer support in critical scenarios, inclusive of suicides.

Reinforcing the importance of such training, Nicola Fairley from Arnold Clark praised the course stating, "It provided practical insights into the tools and support vital in handling these challenging situations."

Rachel Clift, Health & Wellbeing Director at Ben, underlines the urgency, "The data speaks volumes. Our industry urgently needs to address this. We're here to help, and we urge everyone to reach out when on the brink."

For those affiliated with the automotive sector, whether past or present, Ben extends its unwavering support. If you or someone you know is struggling, seek assistance immediately through Ben's helpline: 08081 311 333 or their webchat.

For urgent support outside working hours, text BEN to 85258.

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