ATS Euromaster Expands Apprenticeship Programme to Tackle Skills Shortage

ATS Euromaster has announced an expansion of its apprenticeship programme in response to the ongoing skills shortage in the automotive sector. The company's commitment to training and upskilling its workforce has shown promising results, with a significant number of apprentices choosing to remain with the company after completing their courses since the programme's inception in 2022.

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ATS Euromaster
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May 22, 2024

Despite these successes, ATS Euromaster continues to face challenges in retaining staff and attracting experienced technicians, both in customer service roles and within service centre operations. This is particularly pressing given projections that by 2030, 20% of the UK workforce will be significantly underskilled for their roles. Moreover, the Institute of the Motor Industry anticipates a shortfall of 35,700 technicians needed to service the growing number of electric vehicles by the same year.

To address these issues, ATS Euromaster is increasing the number of apprenticeships it offers annually. The programme, conducted in partnership with national apprenticeship provider Remit Training, includes opportunities in both service centres and back-office customer service functions. Approximately 80% of these apprenticeship positions are based in the service centres.

The ATS Level 2 Autocare Standard programme, which spans 24 months, equips apprentices with the skills needed to perform core services. For those interested in customer service, the ATS Customer Service Representative apprenticeship offers a 15-month training period culminating in a Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner qualification.

Currently, five apprenticeship cohorts are running, and by September 2024, more than 60 apprentices will be participating in the programme. Nicola Burrows, Learning & Development Business Partner at ATS Euromaster, highlighted the company’s dedication to nurturing new talent: “We are committed to our apprentices and the apprenticeship programme, and we are constantly seeking ways to attract new talent to ATS. Through these programmes, we provide young people with the opportunity to launch their careers and grow professionally.

“The programme is delivered by a distinguished provider. We will continue to invest in these young individuals to ensure we develop a strong and highly skilled workforce for the future, one that recognises our commitment to their success. ATS Euromaster is a company where you can start as an apprentice and work your way up to management, carving your own career path within a company that will nurture your professional growth and aspirations.”

Sue Pittock, CEO of Remit Training, expressed her support for the initiative: “It is encouraging to see this programme continue to expand. We are delighted to support ATS in the investment of their people and welcoming the next generation to careers in the automotive industry with quality learning experiences.”

ATS Euromaster's partnership with Remit Training, an award-winning Investors in People and Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ provider, reflects its commitment to providing career opportunities for young people. Upon completing the programme, participants have the chance to further their education and advance within the company, ensuring a bright future for both the apprentices and ATS Euromaster.


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