Ascenso’s R&D Manager Abhishek Kumar's Pivotal Visit to BAB Distribution

Ascenso Tyres, renowned for their innovative tyre solutions, are paving the way for future developments in the industry, as evidenced by the recent visit of their R&D Manager, Abhishek Kumar, to UK tyre distributor BAB Distribution, part of the BA Bush & Son Ltd Group. This visit underscores Ascenso's commitment to fostering strong partnerships and staying ahead of market trends.

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Ascenso’s R&D Manager Abhishek Kumar's Pivotal Visit to BAB Distribution
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October 30, 2023

During his trip, Abhishek Kumar met with key Ascenso OE2 partners, including Sands Sprayers, Househam Sprayers, and Larrington Trailers. These meetings were strategic in exploring future market developments and determining how Ascenso can continue to create tyres that are not only innovative but also market leaders.

Ascenso's emphasis on understanding the needs of its customers was evident from Abhishek's interactions with end users and VFD dealers such as Grosvenor Farms, Staples, and Ireland Farm Machinery. His visit to key Ascenso tyre partners, like SETyre, and some of Bush Tyres' crucial agricultural branches, further highlighted the company's dedication to its clients.

Pictured: Pete Kemp (left), who looks after Larrington Trailers for Bush OE2 - BA Bush’s OE2 division, along with Abhiskek Kumar (centre) and Richard Larrington (right).

The highlight of the trip was Abhishek's meeting with Richard Larrington of Larrington Trailers, who had been using and testing the Ascenso FTR 170 560/60R22.5 trailer tyre. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with Richard noting that the tyre's performance was on par with market-leading premium tyre brands.

In addition to discussing future tyre requirements and developments with VF technology tyres, Abhishek also had the opportunity to share insights into Ascenso's cutting-edge production methods and their new VF tyre range. This new range is set to fully launch in Q1 of 2024, and it represents Ascenso's commitment to innovation and excellence in the tyre industry.

Overall, Ascenso's willingness to listen and adapt their products based on feedback from dealers and end users is a testament to their customer-centric approach. The positive feedback from customers speaks volumes about the exceptional performance of Ascenso's tyres, and it is clear that the company is on the right track to becoming a market leader in the tyre industry.

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