Arclid Transport Secures Future Roadworthiness with Prometeon Tyre Group Contract Renewal

In a move that reinforces the enduring strength of corporate partnerships within the UK's transport and logistics sector, Arclid Transport, a specialist in bulk powder and liquid haulage, has announced the renewal of its contract with Prometeon Tyre Group. This agreement underscores the continued collaboration between the two entities, ensuring that Arclid’s fleet remains equipped with premium tyres essential for the demanding nature of their operations.

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April 11, 2024

Cheshire-based Arclid Transport, known for its extensive involvement in the transport of bulk powders and liquids across the UK and Europe, has once again placed its trust in Prometeon Tyre Group to supply and fit high-quality tyres for its sizeable fleet. The contract, structured on a fixed pence per kilometre (PPK) basis, encompasses all 95 vehicles within the fleet, which includes 45 trucks and 60 trailers, a mix of 6x2 artics and tri-axle trailers.

Approximately 80% of Arclid’s logistical activities are conducted on A-roads, with the remaining operations involving more challenging off-road trips to quarries for the delivery of silica sand and other aggregates. This diversity in operational needs has made the partnership with Prometeon invaluable, providing Arclid with bespoke tyre solutions that cater to both the terrain and mileage requirements of their mixed-use fleet.

Andy Robinson, Operations Director at Arclid Transport, highlighted the benefits of this partnership, emphasising the relief and operational efficiency it brings to the company. “Prometeon work hard to offer us the best tyre profiles for our fleet based on terrain and mileage,” Robinson noted. This collaboration allows Arclid to focus on its core business objectives, safe in the knowledge that its fleet is optimised for fuel efficiency and equipped with tyres that offer high mileage, durability, and superior handling capabilities.

The introduction of the Prometeon Serie-02 tyre range to the Arclid fleet signifies a step forward in enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing noise pollution, marking an advancement in tyre technology and environmental consideration.

Moreover, Prometeon’s commitment to fleet management excellence extends beyond just tyre supply. The company has actively monitored and adapted tyre profiles for Arclid, moving the fleet's trailers to new tyre specifications that reduce operational damage and enhance performance. Gary Lane, Prometeon’s National Fleet Manager, cited the transition to the Prometeon G02 tyre for its robustness and suitability for construction and tipper fleet operations, demonstrating a tailored approach to customer needs.

The renewal of this contract is not merely a business transaction but a testament to the strong relational foundation between Arclid and Prometeon. The inclusion of Prometeon Fleet Management Pro Services in the package further exemplifies the comprehensive support and reliability that Arclid values in this partnership.

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