Apollo Tyres Rolls Out Deliveries for the Highly-Anticipated EnduMile LHT

Apollo Tyres has announced the commencement of deliveries for its groundbreaking EnduMile LHT. This marks the company's debut in the dedicated Long-Haul Trailer (LHT) tyre segment.

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Apollo Tyres
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October 18, 2023

The EnduMile LHT is not just another tyre in the market; it's a testament to Apollo Tyres' relentless pursuit of perfection. Boasting an A-rating for rolling resistance, it's the first of its kind from Apollo Tyres, setting a new industry standard.

Fuel efficiency is at the heart of the EnduMile LHT, making it the most fuel-efficient truck tyre ever produced by Apollo Tyres, both in Europe and on a global scale. Designed to surpass even the top-performing LHT tyres in the market, its unique 'free-rolling' tread pattern is tailored for trailer axles. This design includes a compact centre rib that not only enhances roadholding but also ensures efficient operation. What's more, it achieves an A-rating for road noise, ensuring a quieter and smoother ride.

But the innovations don't stop there. The tyre features a broad and stable contact patch that optimally distributes pressure. Its state-of-the-art blend of polymers and fillers is crafted to reduce rolling resistance while ensuring consistent grip on wet surfaces. The innovative compound is also adept at managing temperature fluctuations during extended use, ensuring the tyre's performance remains top-notch and its durability is uncompromised.

One of the standout features of the EnduMile LHT is its robust carcass, which promotes retreadability. This is a significant advantage, especially considering the emphasis many European long-haul customers place on reducing whole-life costs.

The tyre's excellence is a product of rigorous testing and refinement. Manufactured at Apollo Tyres' state-of-the-art facility in Gyöngyöshalász, Hungary, the EnduMile LHT underwent an exhaustive two-year testing process. This was spearheaded by Apollo Tyres' European R&D team based in the Netherlands, employing both virtual and real-life testing scenarios.

John Nikhil Joy, Cluster Director Europe – Truck & Bus Tyres, at Apollo Tyres, expressed his optimism about the new product, stating, “There has been growing demand from customers for Apollo to launch a tyre of this type, and its breadth of capabilities gives us cause to be optimistic about it taking sales from well-established rivals. Our R&D team has worked tirelessly to develop a tyre that has extremely low levels of rolling resistance while supporting vehicle range, driving performance and long-term durability – three key areas for the long-haul market.”

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