Apollo Tyres Launches Revolutionary Lightweight Vredestein Ultrac Pro

In leap forward for automotive performance and environmental sustainability, Apollo Tyres has announced the launch of its Vredestein Ultrac Pro ultra-ultra-high-performance (UUHP) summer tyre. Scheduled to hit the market next month, this cutting-edge tyre promises to redefine the standards of performance, comfort, and environmental impact in the automotive industry.

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Apollo Tyres
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February 26, 2024

The Vredestein Ultrac Pro, heralding as the first all-new entry in Apollo Tyres’ top-tier performance summer tyre category in over a decade, introduces a groundbreaking lightweight design. This design not only enhances the tyre's performance metrics but also significantly reduces its weight, resulting in a remarkable 13% weight reduction for the 245/45R18 100Y XL format compared to its predecessor, the Vredestein Ultrac Vorti+. On average, the Ultrac Pro range sees a weight decrease of 10%, setting a new benchmark in the tyre industry.

This considerable reduction in weight translates into a lower rotational mass, thereby improving steering response, acceleration, and braking performance. The innovative approach adopted by Apollo Tyres’ global R&D team in the Netherlands focuses on minimizing material usage without compromising on durability and comfort. A novel bead configuration allows for a more sophisticated mono-ply construction in many sizes, a significant deviation from the conventional two-ply format prevalent in the segment.

The Ultrac Pro benefits from the latest generation of rubber compounds and optimised gauges in its construction. This innovation ensures a constant distribution of force across the tyre's contact patch with the road surface, achieving optimal grip at high speeds while maintaining impressive resilience.

Moreover, the tyre's design incorporates a larger flexing zone, enhancing driving comfort without sacrificing stability. This feature marks the Ultrac Pro as a new standard bearer for comfort in the UUHP category, significantly improving upon the ride compliance of the Ultrac Vorti+.

In terms of environmental impact, the Ultrac Pro stands out with superior rolling resistance, delivering a 12% improvement in fuel efficiency and an uplift in the label category compared to its predecessor. This advancement not only benefits motorists in terms of driving range but also contributes to the tyre's environmental sustainability by reducing the total energy required for its production and subsequent transportation.

Set to be available in a versatile range of sizes from 18- to 24-inch, the Ultrac Pro caters to a wide array of vehicles including sports cars, supercars, high-performance saloons, hatchbacks, and SUVs, making it a highly anticipated addition to the European market.

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