Apollo Tyres' Kalamassery Plant Honoured with Kerala State Energy Conservation Award

Apollo Tyres, Kalamassery plant has been awarded the Kerala State Energy Conservation Award. This prestigious accolade was presented under the Large Scale Consumers Category, recognising the plant's outstanding efforts in energy conservation.

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Apollo Tyres
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February 16, 2024

The award ceremony saw the Honourable Speaker of the Kerala Legislative Assembly, Shri A N Shamseer, handing over the award to George Oommen, the Unit Head of Kerala Plants for Apollo Tyres. This event marks a notable recognition of Apollo Tyres' commitment to sustainable and efficient energy use within its operations.

A Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Apollo Tyres' Kalamassery plant has been at the forefront of implementing innovative projects and systematic actions aimed at enhancing energy conservation. The award committee highlighted the plant's continuous improvement in energy saving as a key factor in its decision. This recognition serves as a testament to the company's dedication to environmental stewardship and its role as a leader in sustainable industrial practices.

Innovations and Systematic Actions

The Kalamassery plant's approach to energy conservation includes a variety of innovative projects and systematic actions. These initiatives are designed to not only reduce energy consumption but also to improve overall efficiency across the plant's operations. The details of these projects, while not disclosed in full, are understood to involve both technological upgrades and process optimizations that collectively contribute to significant energy savings.

A Model for the Industry

Apollo Tyres' achievement in winning the Kerala State Energy Conservation Award is seen as setting a benchmark for the tyre industry and beyond. It underscores the importance of integrating energy conservation measures into the core operational strategies of large-scale industrial consumers. The recognition by the Kerala state government further reinforces the potential for industry-wide adoption of similar practices, encouraging other companies to follow in Apollo Tyres' footsteps.

Looking Forward

Apollo Tyres, is expected to continue its pursuit of innovative energy-saving projects, further contributing to environmental conservation efforts and setting new standards for the industry.

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