Antera Wheels: A Timeless Italian Icon Returns to the Spotlight

The G.M.P. Group has announced the revival of Antera, a historic brand known for its quality light alloy wheels, embodying the excellence of "Made in Italy." This resurgence is supported by a substantial international investment plan aimed at reintroducing the brand's storied heritage to the modern market.

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Gmp Group | Marco Mancin, president of Gmp Group
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March 28, 2024

A Tradition of Innovation

Founded in 1991 in Milan by Marco Muzzarelli, Antera quickly became a prominent name in the automotive sector, especially noted for its innovative designs and precise attention to detail. Among its achievements, the Type 109 three-spoke wheel stands out, having won the "Alloy Wheel Design of the Year 1994" for its distinct design and contribution to the industry's development.

Despite a period of dormancy following its founder's death, Antera's legacy has remained significant among enthusiasts worldwide. The brand's acquisition and revival by the G.M.P. Group signify a commitment to blending Antera's rich history with modern technology and design principles.

Renewal and Presentation

Antera's reintroduction is scheduled to coincide with Milan Design Week, running from 14 to 21 April, where the brand will showcase its new direction through various events and social media activities. This platform will highlight Antera's commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, staying true to its Italian roots.

We are enthusiastic and proud to have acquired a brand with global prestige. Antera was, for those who know the alloy wheel sector, a point of reference from many points of view. The innovation, design and futuristic technology of this brand's products still remain in the minds of those involved in the alloy wheel sector today. We plan to implement an industrial plan over the next 5 years that will give new prestige to Antera through innovative products and an internationalization process. It is a challenge in which I personally believe and I am honored by the trust received from the Muzzarelli family.

Marco Mancin, president of Gmp Group

Looking to the Future

The reestablishment of Antera underlines a blend of tradition with modernity. The establishment of the HPE-LAB division, focusing on High Performance Engineering, illustrates the brand's approach to integrating cutting-edge technology with the timeless appeal of Italian design.

The upcoming 2024 Antera collection, to be unveiled during Milan Design Week, represents the next step in the brand's journey, showcasing the future of alloy wheel design while paying homage to its heritage.

G.M.P. Group, with its extensive facilities in Bergamo and a team of 150 skilled professionals, is at the forefront of this exciting venture. The group's expertise and resources are expected to drive Antera's success in its new chapter.

As the automotive community looks forward to Milan Design Week, Antera's revival marks an important moment in the industry, highlighting the enduring value of quality, design, and innovation that has defined the brand for decades.

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