Albourgh Introduces Robust D: The Ultimate Tyre Solution for Tough Terrains

Tyre manufacturer Albourgh is taking the automotive industry by storm with the introduction of their latest innovation, the Albourgh Robust D. This cutting-edge tyre has been meticulously designed to cater to the demanding requirements of trucks navigating challenging environments, such as construction sites and road construction.

With unparalleled resistance to punctures and damage, along with exceptional grip capabilities, the Robust D is set to redefine performance standards in heavy-duty tyre solutions while complying with the latest European regulations.

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Albourgh Tyres
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October 17, 2023

Unmatched Self-Cleaning Ability and Superior Traction

The Robust D tyres are engineered for drive axles, making them ideal for vehicles frequently venturing off-road and grappling with rugged terrains. What sets these tyres apart is their advanced tread design, ensuring outstanding self-cleaning ability. Featuring wide and deep transverse grooves, the Robust D offers exceptional traction, prevents irregular wear, and maintains optimal performance in all conditions.

To enhance durability and longevity, Albourgh has incorporated an extra-deep tread, measuring up to 23 millimeters, and added an additional anti-wear layer in the rubber compound. The robust carcass construction not only enables these tyres to excel under heavy loads but also provides increased resistance to punctures and damage.

Jeroen Vos, Business Unit Manager at Albourgh TBR, explains the tyre's unique positioning, "The conditions on construction sites and in road building are extreme for tyres. The combination of heavy loading and rough terrain places high demands on wear resistance and grip. Albourgh is a brand new professional tyre brand that goes further where others stop. Designed to deliver remarkable performance, we not only have specialist knowledge of tyes but also immerse ourselves in the details of tyre deployment. For example, before a final launch, we make sure the tyres have been tested by different customers and thus know what requirements the tyres need to meet."

100% Quality Control for Unwavering Performance

Albourgh's commitment to excellence is further exemplified through their tyre manufacturing process. Utilizing state-of-the-art production facilities equipped with cutting-edge European machinery, they ensure the highest quality standards. A policy of 100% quality control, with stringent limits, guarantees consistent performance.

Each tyre undergoes individual checks for imbalance, height stroke, and uniformity after production. Additionally, an X-ray inspection is performed before the final inspection, assuring tyre specialists and transport companies of uncompromising quality and safety standards.

Discover Albourgh's Commitment to Excellence

Albourgh, the epitome of a professional tyre brand that surpasses expectations, has introduced the Robust D tyre in two sizes, 13R22.5 and 315/80R22.5. For those seeking unparalleled tire solutions for demanding environments, Albourgh is the go-to choice.

To explore the complete range of Albourgh tyres visit their official website at

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