Trelleborg Tyres and Moreton Morrell College Team Up to Educate Future Agricultural Experts

Trelleborg Tyres, has announced a new partnership with Moreton Morrell College. This collaboration is set to provide AGCO apprentices across the UK with essential tyre knowledge, reinforcing both companies' commitment to innovation and education within the agriculture sector enhancing the skills of future agricultural professionals.

Trelleborg Tyres and Moreton Morrell College Team Up to Educate Future Agricultural Experts
June 19, 2024

AGCO, a key strategic partner of Trelleborg Tyres, plays a crucial role in this initiative. The partnership is designed to equip apprentices with comprehensive understanding and practical skills, which are vital for modern agricultural practices. Trelleborg Tyres’ experts, Bruce Lauder, Sales Director, and Jimmy Jones, Technical Manager, led an intensive one-day course covering a wide range of topics. These included tyre basics, correct tyre selection, soil protection, tyre inflation systems, track construction and markings, tyre alignment, issue identification, and tyre fitting.

The practical component of the course allowed apprentices to apply their classroom learnings in real-world scenarios, thereby deepening their understanding and honing their expertise. Bruce Lauder emphasised the importance of this initiative, stating, “This collaboration reflects our unwavering commitment to nurturing future agricultural professionals. By providing AGCO apprentices with comprehensive tyre knowledge, we enable them to make informed decisions and contribute significantly to the advancement of the agricultural sector.”

Moreton Morrell College, known for its excellence in agricultural education, welcomed this partnership as a valuable enhancement to its curriculum. Andy Southerton, Lecturer in Land Based Engineering at Moreton Morrell College, expressed his enthusiasm: “Our partnership with Trelleborg Tyres enhances our dedication to delivering practical, industry-relevant training. We are thrilled to offer AGCO apprentices access to Trelleborg Tyres’ expertise, preparing them for successful careers in agriculture.”

The course concluded with a quiz designed to assess knowledge retention among the apprentices. The winner will be awarded a pair of Trelleborg Tyres branded Wellington boots featuring the ProgressiveTraction pattern on the sole, symbolising Trelleborg Tyres’ commitment to innovation and excellence.

This educational initiative forms part of the “Trelleborg Tyres on Tour” programme, which aims to foster closer connections with customers and end users. The programme is dedicated to providing ongoing support and engagement, ensuring continuous knowledge sharing for both current and future generations of agricultural professionals.

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