Trelleborg Tires and CASE IH to Host "ON THE SAME TRACK" Field Day in China

Heilongjiang Province to Witness Groundbreaking Agricultural Demonstrations and Festivities

On June 23, 2024, the Baoquanling State Farm in Heilongjiang province, China, will serve as the venue for the highly anticipated "ON THE SAME TRACK" Trelleborg Tires Field Day. Organised by Trelleborg Tires in collaboration with CASE IH, this event aims to highlight the significant impact of agricultural tyres on machinery operation, underscore the importance of appropriate tyre pressure, and promote the efficient development of China's agricultural machinery.

Trelleborg Tires and CASE IH to Host "ON THE SAME TRACK" Field Day in China
Trelleborg Tires and CASE IH to Host "ON THE SAME TRACK" Field Day in China
June 26, 2024

The Field Day will gather 400 professional farmers and experts who will observe firsthand how proper tyre pressure can enhance working efficiency and fuel savings. The event will showcase the Trelleborg TM800 Heavy Duty (HD) tyre, a product specifically developed for the Chinese market. This innovative tyre, designed to withstand heavy conditions with a high quantity of stubbles, features a modified structure and compound that provide excellent resistance to punctures and perforations from hard plants and stony soil.

Attendees will witness a series of field demonstrations comparing the performance of high horsepower tractors with identical configurations but varying tyre pressures. These demonstrations will illustrate the crucial role of correct tyre pressure in terms of efficiency, fuel consumption, and soil protection.

Ms. Sandy Luo, Commercial Managing Director of China at Yokohama TWS, emphasised the significance of the event, stating, "Black soil is a scarce global resource, and China’s Northeast region is not only part of the world's black soil belt but also the largest commodity grain base in China, bearing the responsibility of ensuring national food security." She added, "Our aim is to draw attention to the proper use of agricultural tyres through field demonstrations in the black-soil region, enhance the balance between its protection and utilisation, and encourage the transition to green farming. At the same time, we strive to enrich customers’ offline experience, foster deeper communication in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, and explore further possibilities to jointly advance sustainable agricultural development."

The "ON THE SAME TRACK" Field Day will also feature Trelleborg Tires' first farmer’s EDM Music Festival on the black-soil farming land. This unique fusion of agricultural demonstration and musical celebration aims to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, fostering deeper communication and exploration of sustainable farming solutions.

Since its inception in 2015, the China Field Day has evolved into a platform that combines exhibitions, collaborations, and communications. The 2024 edition introduces the annual theme "On the Same Track" for the first time and incorporates the "Black Soil Music Festival" as part of the event, allowing farmers to experience the joy of farming while discovering more efficient and sustainable solutions.

The event is co-organised by CNH Industrial China and Farm Machinery Magazine.

For those unable to attend in person, the full event will be available via live streaming at

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