Trelleborg Invites Visitors to Explore Tyre Innovations at Hillhead 2024

Hillhead 2024 opens its doors today, and Trelleborg is ready to welcome attendees to their stand M3.

Hillhead 2024 is set to be a significant event in the quarrying, construction, and recycling industries, with Trelleborg Tyres showcasing its latest technological advancements in tyre design at Stand M3. As the UK’s largest exhibition in these sectors, Hillhead provides an ideal platform for Trelleborg to demonstrate its commitment to improving safety, efficiency, and performance in construction operations.

Trelleborg Invites Visitors to Explore Tyre Innovations at Hillhead 2024
Trelleborg Invites Visitors to Explore Tyre Innovations at Hillhead 2024
June 25, 2024

The event provides an excellent opportunity to engage with Trelleborg's team, learn about their latest tyre technologies, and see how their innovations can meet various industry needs.

Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges

In today’s rapidly evolving construction landscape, the need for advanced tyre solutions has never been greater. Trelleborg Tyres recognises the multifaceted challenges faced by builders, including optimising operations, reducing fuel consumption, and enhancing operator safety and comfort. By focusing on durability, performance, and productivity, Trelleborg has positioned itself at the forefront of tyre technology.

EMR Series: Performance and Reliability

Trelleborg's EMR series will be a focal point at the exhibition. These tyres are designed with a multi-surface tread pattern, ensuring exceptional grip and control on various terrains such as sand, rock, gravel, and soil. The radial all-steel construction and reinforced carcass of the EMR series provide long-term durability and equal load distribution, resulting in a smoother ride and lower fuel consumption.

Key models in the EMR series include:

  • EMR1030: Known for its excellent self-cleaning capabilities and versatility across different surfaces.
  • EMR1031: Features a wide tread contact area, offering superior control and grip.
  • EMR1042: Designed with a multi-surface tread for enhanced ride comfort.
  • EMR1050: Built for extremely harsh conditions with a deep tread pattern.
  • EMR1051: Provides optimal traction and enhanced damage protection, making it ideal for loaders in intensive applications.

Brawler Tyres: Durability Redefined

For the waste and recycling industry, Trelleborg’s Brawler High Performance Solid (HPS) line is engineered to withstand severe operational stress, thereby minimising downtime due to tyre changes or failures. The Brawler HPS Soft Ride stands out with its unique elliptical sidewall construction, offering 40% greater deflection than standard solid tyres. This design significantly reduces vibration and maximises operator comfort.

Models on display will include tyres that combine the ride comfort of filled pneumatic tyres with the durability of solid tyres, featuring elliptical sidewall apertures and deep lug tread patterns for exceptional ride comfort.

Looking Ahead

As the construction industry continues to evolve, the importance of reliable, high-performance tyres cannot be overstated. Trelleborg Tyres’ innovations demonstrate a clear understanding of the demands faced by construction professionals, providing solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

To learn more about Trelleborg's high-performance tyres for construction, visit Trelleborg Tyres.

Trelleborg invites all attendees to visit stand M3 for some shade and a cold drink. Guests may also be lucky enough to receive one of Trelleborg's hats.

For those who wish to discuss specific needs in more detail, Sales Manager Dan Findley is available for meetings. He can be contacted at 07815 618135 to arrange a conversation during the show.

With Hillhead 2024 now underway, Trelleborg's presence offers valuable insights and opportunities for all visitors.

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