TRA Annual Conference to Address Future of UK Tyre Recycling Industry

TRA Announces Agenda for Annual Conference Day, 2024

UK Tyre Recovery Association Celebrates 25 Years and Its Silver Jubilee

On Tuesday, 24 September, the UK Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) will host the largest gathering of the UK tyre recycling industry in Leamington Spa to mark its Silver Jubilee. Celebrating 25 years of commitment to tyre recovery, the association's annual conference promises to be a pivotal event for over 50 businesses and key stakeholders in this vital but underacknowledged sector.

TRA Annual Conference to Address Future of UK Tyre Recycling Industry
June 18, 2024

Amidst the backdrop of recent political changes, industry leaders are set to call upon the new government to prioritise the advancement of opportunities and innovation crucial for the sustainability of the tyre recycling industry. With the regulatory framework stagnating over the past eighteen months, there is an urgent need for reforms to ensure the future viability of domestic recycling operations.

Peter Taylor OBE, Secretary General of the TRA, emphasised the importance of the conference: “September’s conference is a crucial meeting for tyre recycling businesses from around the UK. The new government provides the opportunity for a change in approach, something we have been calling for. There are urgent reforms to our regulatory framework that are required to secure the UK’s domestic recycling capability and to protect the environment.”

Key issues on the agenda include environmental protection, maximising domestic processing capacity, and developing marketplaces for by-products such as rubberised asphalt. Taylor highlighted the potential of rubberised asphalt in addressing the nation’s road maintenance challenges, stating, “Labour have prioritised addressing the age-old road pothole challenge and, with rubberised asphalt, the used tyre industry has a product that should play a central role in answering that challenge.”

The conference programme features discussions on several critical topics:

  • The latest data analysis of used tyre arisings in the UK, Europe, and beyond.
  • Introduction of Digital Waste Tracking from 2025 (Defra/EA).
  • Requirements for the registration of all Dealers/Brokers/Carriers of waste, impacting retailers, carriers, and reprocessors.
  • Innovations in tracking technologies.
  • Addressing the complexities of tyre export.
  • Presentation of the VCA’s new tyre training module.
  • Collaboration between new tyre manufacturers and TRA recyclers.

The event will convene global experts to share insights and developments, fostering a forward-looking dialogue on the future of tyre recycling. Taylor expressed optimism about the gathering, saying, “We are very much looking forward to seeing our members and hearing from the global experts on tyre recovery and recycling. It will be a fruitful and forward-looking gathering.”

As the industry grapples with the need for updated regulations and increased domestic capabilities, the TRA’s annual conference represents a significant moment for stakeholders to unite and advocate for a sustainable and innovative future.

For further information or to make your Briefing Day Reservation, please contact the TRA Office:

Tel: 07932 702173

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