The Giants of Belting Return to Hillhead: Smiley Monroe Unveils New Innovations

Smiley Monroe, a staple in the conveyor belt industry, is set to make a significant impact at Hillhead 2024. This year, the company is not only showcasing its refreshed brand identity but also introducing a new line of high-performance, lightweight conveyor belts. The event, long marked on the calendar of industry professionals, promises to be a highlight for those attending.

Visitors to Hillhead will find Smiley Monroe's team at stand E5, where they will have the opportunity to preview the company's latest innovations and comprehensive range of premium conveyor belts and components. The stand is expected to draw significant interest, given the breadth and quality of the products on display.

The Giants of Belting Return to Hillhead: Smiley Monroe Unveils New Innovations
The Giants of Belting Return to Hillhead: Smiley Monroe Unveils New Innovations
June 24, 2024

Products on Display at Stand E5

Endless Conveyor Belts
These belts are designed with customisation in mind, allowing for the addition of cleats and chevrons to meet specific machinery and material requirements. This adaptability makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, enhancing their utility across different industries.

ToughFlex® Belts
Engineered for the most demanding conveying tasks, ToughFlex® belts are ideal for handling construction waste, including materials contaminated with rebar. Their durability and robust construction ensure they can withstand harsh conditions, making them a reliable choice for heavy-duty operations.

ZIP CLIP® Replacement Belt
Billed as the world's fastest replacement belt, the ZIP CLIP® is supplied ready-to-fit, offering a quick and efficient solution for belt replacement needs. This innovative product is designed to minimise downtime, ensuring that operations can resume swiftly with minimal disruption.

Cut Rubber & Plastic Parts
Smiley Monroe’s CNC cut parts are custom designed to address a variety of common conveying issues, such as material spillage and dust control. These tailored solutions help optimise the efficiency and cleanliness of conveyor systems, providing practical benefits to users.

Meet the Smiley Monroe Team

The event will also provide an opportunity to engage directly with Smiley Monroe's knowledgeable and approachable team. They will be available to answer questions, discuss product specifications, and offer expert advice on conveyor belting requirements.

Attendees are encouraged to book meetings in advance through the provided link below to ensure dedicated time with the team. Smiley Monroe looks forward to welcoming visitors and demonstrating the innovations that continue to position them as leaders in the industry.

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