T&C Site Services Unveils Cutting-Edge Tyre Handler at Hillhead 2024

T&C Site Services, a leading name in the earthmover and OTR tyre industry, is set to showcase its latest innovation at the Hillhead International Quarrying, Construction, and Recycling Show. The unveiling will take place at stand U1, where the company's brand-new fitting truck and tyre handler, designed in collaboration with Truck & Marine Cranes Limited, will be on display.

T&C Site Services Unveils Cutting-Edge Tyre Handler at Hillhead 2024
T&C Site Services Unveils Cutting-Edge Tyre Handler at Hillhead 2024
June 26, 2024

This new tyre handler is poised to revolutionise on-site services with its advanced features. Building on the success of a similar, smaller version currently in use, the new handler offers significant improvements in both functionality and efficiency. It is engineered to handle tyres ranging from 15 to 49 inches, providing a versatile solution for various needs.

One of the standout features of the new tyre handler is its continuous 360-degree rotation, coupled with a 140-degree angle of tilt. These capabilities enable precise manoeuvrability, making the handling of tyres more efficient and less labour-intensive. Additionally, the handler is lighter and stronger than existing models, further enhancing its performance and durability.

The new tyre handler also reduces the need for manual handling of smaller OTR tyres, thereby improving safety and reducing the physical strain on technicians. This is a testament to T&C Site Services' commitment to investing in their fleet, one of the company's three core pillars, alongside their team of skilled technicians and robust management practices.

Looking ahead, T&C Site Services has ambitious plans to introduce a version of the tyre handler capable of lifting up to 4.5 tonnes, reflecting their continuous drive for innovation and excellence in the industry.

Visitors to Hillhead 2024 will have the opportunity to see firsthand why T&C Site Services is the UK's number one specialist in earthmover and OTR tyre services. Known for their high-quality service and maintenance solutions, T&C Site Services continues to set the benchmark for excellence in the sector.

For more information about T&C Site Services and their latest innovations, visit their website at T&C Site Services.

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