RS Recovery Enhances Fleet Maintenance with Major Totalkare Equipment Investment

RS Recovery, a prominent vehicle recovery company in the West Midlands, has made a significant investment in Totalkare equipment as part of an extensive workshop refit. This strategic move aims to elevate their fleet repair and maintenance capabilities, reinforcing their commitment to exceptional customer service and adherence to the latest industry safety standards.

The project encompasses a comprehensive installation of state-of-the-art equipment, including two vehicle inspection pits with an adjoining tunnel, in-ground brake testers and shaker plates, a 10-metre, 35,000kg Y-MECH lift, a set of eight T8DC mobile column lifts, a headlamp tester, oil hose reel dispensers, among other advanced tools. This significant upgrade underscores RS Recovery’s dedication to maintaining high safety and compliance standards within the industry.

Enhanced Inspection Capabilities

The addition of two pre-fabricated vehicle inspection pits marks a pivotal enhancement in RS Recovery’s operational capacity. These pits are meticulously designed to streamline the inspection and repair process, allowing technicians to efficiently conduct thorough inspections and complex repair tasks. Manufactured to order in the West Midlands, the pits feature robust 5mm thick welded recessed steel walls and a 6mm thick pressed durbar floor, engineered for optimal drainage and durability.

Advanced Lifting Solutions

The newly installed Y-MECH lift is tailored for heavy-duty vehicle maintenance, featuring synchronised lifting and lowering mechanisms that significantly boost productivity and safety. Available in various platform lengths and lifting capacities, RS Recovery’s 10-metre Y-MECH lift is recess-mounted, reducing trip hazards and incorporating mechanical safety latches and rollover protection for enhanced safety during operations.

Industry-Leading Mobile Lifts and Brake Testers

Totalkare’s T8DC mobile column lifts, a staple in many workshops across the UK, have been integrated into RS Recovery’s upgraded facility. With a lifting capacity of up to 7,500kg per column, these versatile lifts can manage the heaviest vehicles in RS Recovery’s fleet. Their simple charging requirements and adjustable forks further enhance their operational flexibility.

In addition, the DVSA-approved TK70 in-ground brake tester is designed to meet rigorous workshop demands, ensuring that all vehicles serviced at RS Recovery comply with the highest brake safety standards. This advanced brake tester, equipped with comprehensive testing and reporting tools, enables efficient brake testing directly from the driver’s seat, enhancing both safety and productivity.

Commitment to Excellence

Leonard Perry, Recovery Manager at RS Recovery, expressed his satisfaction with the new equipment: “We are happy to be adding Totalkare’s equipment to our workshop. This investment will greatly enhance our ability to serve our clients, ensuring that we provide the best service in the roadside assistance and vehicle recovery industry.”

James Atkins, Area Sales Manager for Totalkare, echoed this sentiment: “We are pleased to be RS Recovery’s trusted choice for workshop equipment solutions. Our equipment is designed to enhance safety and productivity in workshops, and we’re confident that it will greatly benefit RS Recovery’s operations.”

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