Pirelli Unveils New Tyre Innovations Ahead of Emilia-Romagna WorldSBK Round

As the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship prepares to descend on the historic Misano World Circuit “Marco Simoncelli” for the fourth round of the 2024 season, Pirelli has announced a suite of new tyre solutions designed to enhance performance and durability. This round will see the debut of two new development tyres in the World Superbike category and one in the World Supersport category, underscoring Pirelli’s commitment to continuous improvement.

Rear Tyre Innovations: The New SCX Development Tyre

Pirelli has been at the forefront of tyre innovation throughout the season, particularly with their rear tyre offerings. The latest introduction is the D0339 SCX tyre, a development tyre that builds on the foundation laid by the C0900 SCX. This new tyre features a unique carcass and compound aimed at maintaining high levels of grip at maximum lean angles, while also enhancing traction and cornering speed. Additionally, it offers increased protection against wear. Complementing the D0339 are the standard SCX super soft, SC0 soft, and the SCQ, the latter of which is restricted to Free Practice sessions, the Tissot Superpole session, and the Tissot Superpole Race.

Front Tyre Development: The SC1 Medium Compound

At the front, Pirelli introduces the D0279, a new SC1 medium compound tyre. This tyre retains the same compound as the standard SC1 but features a slightly different carcass designed to provide greater stability and precision. Riders will also have access to the standard SC2 hard tyre, giving them a range of medium to hard compounds to tackle Misano's technical demands.

World Supersport Advancements: New Front Solution

In the World Supersport category, Pirelli brings forward a new soft development solution, the D0444. This tyre shares its compound with the standard SC1 but differs in its carcass, aiming to enhance stability and precision. Riders will have the choice between this new tyre and the standard SC1 and SC2 tyres at the front. For the rear, only the standard super soft SCX and soft SC0 tyres are available.

Pirelli’s Commitment to Innovation and Inclusion

Pirelli’s Motorcycle Racing Director, Giorgio Barbier, highlighted the company's philosophy of ongoing development: “For the Emilia-Romagna Round, we decided to debut some innovations in line with our philosophy of continuous development of new solutions to improve the range year after year. For the WorldSBK class, we are continuing the work on the SCX at the rear to improve its corner speed and protection from wear, while preserving the grip performance at maximum lean that the standard solution already offers. On the front, we are working in both classes to evolve the SC1 specification towards greater support in terms of stability and precision."

Barbier also noted the significance of the Misano circuit for data comparison and testing, as well as Pirelli's new role as the sole tyre supplier for the FIM Women’s Circuit Racing World Championship. He expressed enthusiasm for supporting the new championship, aligning with Pirelli's values of inclusion and openness. The female riders recently tested their SC1 compounds in Cremona, and now look forward to their official race debut.

Pirelli Unveils New Tyre Innovations Ahead of Emilia-Romagna WorldSBK Round
June 13, 2024
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