Pirelli Introduces Cutting-Edge Tires for Porsche 911 Models

Pirelli has unveiled an impressive lineup of new tyres tailored for the legendary Porsche 911, with a focus on enhancing both road and track performance. This new range includes two new P Zero Corsa tyres, as well as the P Zero Trofeo RS for the GT3 RS and the P Zero Trofeo R for the GT3. These developments are poised to elevate the driving experience for Porsche enthusiasts, combining the demands of everyday driving with the exhilaration of near-racing performance.

Pirelli Introduces Cutting-Edge Tires for Porsche 911 Models
Pirelli Introduces Cutting-Edge Tires for Porsche 911 Models
June 21, 2024

Pirelli's Commitment to Performance

For the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Pirelli faced the challenge of designing a tyre that harmonised the car's road-going characteristics with its advanced aerodynamics and lightweight design. The result is a pair of tyres, sized at 275/35R20 for the front and 335/30R21 for the rear, that cater to these dual demands.

The standout among these is the P Zero Trofeo RS, a semi-slick tyre engineered for high performance on circuits. Renowned for its wide working range and rapid warm-up capability, the Trofeo RS ensures immediate grip and endurance under rigorous conditions. Its reinforced internal structure and optimised tread design further bolster its credentials. Notably, the P Zero Trofeo RS has been lauded by German magazine Auto Bild Sportscars as the premier street-legal semi-slick tyre for track driving.

Complementing the Trofeo RS, the P Zero Corsa offers a more road-oriented solution, designed to deliver reliable performance for everyday use, ensuring Porsche drivers can enjoy a versatile driving experience without compromising on safety or comfort.

Enhancing the GT3 Experience

For the Porsche 911 GT3, Pirelli has introduced the P Zero Trofeo R, a tyre that draws on motorsport technologies to deliver peak performance. The Trofeo R serves as the foundation for the P Zero Trofeo RS, reinforcing Pirelli's commitment to pushing the boundaries of tyre technology.

Both the P Zero Trofeo R and the P Zero Corsa for the 911 GT3 come in sizes 255/35R20 for the front and 315/30R21 for the rear, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance for this iconic model.

A Synergy of Road and Track

Pirelli's new tyres for the Porsche 911 models embody a synergy of road and track capabilities, offering drivers the best of both worlds. Whether navigating the complexities of a race circuit or enjoying the open road, these tyres are designed to provide exceptional grip, durability, and performance.

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