Pirelli and BMW Group Unveil New 20-inch P Zero Winter 2 Tyres at Tire Cologne

Pirelli and the BMW Group have collaborated to introduce new 20-inch P Zero Winter 2 tyres for the BMW 7 Series, setting a new standard in electric vehicle tyre technology. Unveiled on the opening day of Tire Cologne, these tyres promise extended range capabilities and superior performance in winter conditions.

The P Zero Winter 2 tyres are a product of Pirelli's innovative approach and BMW's stringent quality standards. These tyres, which boast an “A class” European labelling for rolling resistance, are designed to provide an exceptional driving experience, offering enhanced range, uncompromised comfort, and outstanding performance on various winter surfaces.

BMW's commitment to quality ensures that all tyres developed for its models receive the exclusive BMW Star-Mark, indicating they meet the highest standards of performance and safety. This is consistent with Pirelli’s Perfect Fit strategy, which focuses on creating tyres tailored to the specific requirements of the vehicles they equip.

Winter tyres typically present challenges for electric vehicles due to their higher rolling resistance, which impacts the vehicle's range. This resistance stems from the compounds and tread patterns designed to improve grip on snowy and wet surfaces. However, the new 20-inch P Zero Winter 2 tyres developed in partnership with Pirelli mitigate these drawbacks, extending the range of the all-electric BMW 7 Series by up to 50km compared to standard winter tyres. This enhancement is attributed to significant technological advancements in the tread pattern and compound used in these tyres.

Moreover, this collaboration between Pirelli and BMW aligns with their sustainability objectives. By incorporating renewable materials where feasible and reducing the CO2 footprint of their production facilities, they demonstrate a commitment to environmentally conscious mobility. This partnership not only highlights their shared vision for sustainable development but also underscores their dedication to pushing the boundaries of tyre technology.

The new P Zero Winter 2 tyres will be available for the BMW 7 Series from August 2024. Plans are in place to extend this cutting-edge technology to other future BMW models, with the new BMW X3 slated to be next in line in the second half of 2024.

With this innovative tyre, Pirelli and BMW continue to drive the future of electric vehicle performance, ensuring that drivers can enjoy an unparalleled experience even in the most challenging winter conditions.

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