PEUGEOT Pioneers the Future of Driving with Hypersquare Steering Control

PEUGEOT, has unveiled a bold new vision for electric mobility at VivaTech 2024 with its groundbreaking concept car, the INCEPTION.

Central to this futuristic vision is the Hypersquare steering control, a revolutionary technology set to redefine the driving experience.

A Showcase of Allure, Emotion, and Excellence

PEUGEOT’s stand at VivaTech 2024 has become a magnet for attendees eager to witness the French debut of the INCEPTION concept car. The vehicle, which first turned heads at CES in Las Vegas, epitomises PEUGEOT’s commitment to combining sustainability with driving pleasure. The Hypersquare steering control, a highlight of the INCEPTION, promises to transform how drivers interact with their vehicles, merging digital innovation with intuitive functionality.

INCEPTION: The Electric Vision of Tomorrow

The INCEPTION concept car encapsulates PEUGEOT’s optimistic outlook on sustainable mobility. Its design language balances feline grace with athletic precision, reflecting a future where elegance meets cutting-edge technology. The car’s 100 kWh battery, powered by 800 V technology, offers an impressive 800 km range on a single charge, setting a new standard in electric vehicle performance.

Inside, the INCEPTION concept car showcases innovative materials and techniques aimed at reducing environmental impact. Features include forged textiles made from recycled polyester and upholstery that fuses velvet with 3D printing, highlighting PEUGEOT’s dedication to sustainability without compromising on luxury.

Hypersquare: Steering Into the Future

The Hypersquare steering control is poised to revolutionise the driving experience. Inspired by digital and gaming interfaces, it replaces traditional steering mechanisms with a more natural, intuitive control system. The Hypersquare utilises steer-by-wire technology, allowing drivers to manage vehicle parameters with simple fingertip gestures, enhancing safety and driving pleasure.

Accompanying the Hypersquare is the HALO CLUSTER, a 360-degree flexible display providing vital driving and infotainment information. This innovative combination ensures that drivers stay informed and connected, redefining the in-car experience.

PEUGEOT’s Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

PEUGEOT’s presentation at VivaTech underscores its position as a leader in European automotive innovation. With over two centuries of pioneering experience, the brand continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable mobility. The INCEPTION concept car and Hypersquare steering control exemplify PEUGEOT’s dedication to creating an exhilarating yet environmentally conscious driving experience.

PEUGEOT’s representatives will delve deeper into the brand’s innovation strategy through daily sessions at VivaTech. These presentations, led by key figures such as Phil York, Jérôme Micheron, and Matthias Hossann, will offer attendees an exclusive insight into the future of PEUGEOT’s technological advancements.

Mobilisights and Remote Driving: Expanding the Horizon

In addition to showcasing the INCEPTION and Hypersquare, PEUGEOT introduces Mobilisights, a Stellantis Business Unit focused on Data as a Service (DaaS). This initiative leverages telemetry data from connected PEUGEOT vehicles to personalise the driving experience and enhance user convenience.

Moreover, PEUGEOT’s collaboration with Vay brings the concept of “remote driving” to the forefront. At VivaTech, a telestation will demonstrate how certified teledrivers can control vehicles remotely, highlighting potential applications for delivery services, carsharing, and vehicle relocation.

Q&A: Exploring PEUGEOT’s Hypersquare Steering Control and INCEPTION Concept Car

What is the PEUGEOT INCEPTION concept car?

The PEUGEOT INCEPTION concept car is a revolutionary electric vehicle introduced by PEUGEOT. It embodies the brand's vision for sustainable mobility, featuring an innovative design and cutting-edge technology, including an 800 km range on a single charge and a 100 kWh battery powered by 800 V technology.

What makes the Hypersquare steering control unique?

The Hypersquare steering control is a groundbreaking innovation from PEUGEOT that replaces traditional steering mechanisms with an intuitive, digital control system inspired by gaming interfaces. It uses steer-by-wire technology, allowing drivers to manage vehicle parameters with fingertip gestures, enhancing safety and driving pleasure.

How does the Hypersquare steering control improve the driving experience?

The Hypersquare steering control improves the driving experience by providing a more natural and intuitive way to steer. Drivers can manage all vehicle parameters without removing their hands from the control, thanks to the steer-by-wire technology. This system increases safety and makes driving more instinctive and enjoyable.

What are the key features of the PEUGEOT INCEPTION’s interior design?

The interior design of the PEUGEOT INCEPTION features innovative materials and sustainable techniques. Key elements include forged textiles made from recycled polyester, 3D printed patterns on velvet upholstery, and Air Quilting® padding for enhanced seat comfort. These features contribute to reducing the vehicle’s carbon footprint while maintaining luxury and comfort.

What is the HALO CLUSTER in the INCEPTION concept car?

The HALO CLUSTER is a 360-degree flexible display that provides driving and infotainment information to the driver and passengers. This circular screen enhances the connectivity and user experience within the car, making information easily accessible and reinforcing the concept of shared mobility.

How does PEUGEOT’s innovation strategy focus on sustainability?

PEUGEOT’s innovation strategy focuses on sustainability by integrating advanced technologies that reduce environmental impact. The INCEPTION concept car, for instance, uses recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing techniques. PEUGEOT aims to cut its carbon footprint by more than 50% by 2030 compared to 2021 and achieve full Carbon Net Zero by 2038.

What role does Mobilisights play in PEUGEOT’s innovation?

Mobilisights, a Stellantis Business Unit, specialises in Data as a Service (DaaS). It provides access to telemetry data from connected PEUGEOT vehicles to personalise the driving experience through innovative services and applications. This data enhances user convenience and contributes to smarter, more efficient vehicle management.

What is remote driving, and how is PEUGEOT involved?

Remote driving refers to the control and operation of a vehicle from a remote location using cellular connectivity and integrated sensors. PEUGEOT, in collaboration with Vay, is exploring remote driving technology to increase the efficiency of delivery operations and carsharing services. At VivaTech 2024, PEUGEOT showcases a telestation where certified teledrivers demonstrate remote control of vehicles.

When and where can the public see the PEUGEOT INCEPTION concept car?

The public can see the PEUGEOT INCEPTION concept car at VivaTech 2024 in Paris. This marks the first time the vehicle is presented to the French public, following its debut at CES in Las Vegas.

How does the Hypersquare steering control compare to traditional steering wheels?

Unlike traditional steering wheels, the Hypersquare steering control offers a digital, intuitive interface that simplifies the driving experience. It provides fingertip control for various vehicle functions, enhancing safety and making driving more interactive and enjoyable. This innovative approach reflects PEUGEOT’s commitment to pioneering the future of driving.

By addressing these key questions, PEUGEOT aims to highlight the innovative features and sustainable advancements of the INCEPTION concept car and Hypersquare steering control, positioning itself as a leader in the future of electric mobility.

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