New Size for Bandvulc BD5 Retread Tyre Revealed

Bandvulc Introduces New Size for BD5 Tyre, Enhancing Longevity and Performance

Bandvulc has announced the release of a new size for its BD5 tyre, which has been well-received since its launch. Designed specifically for long-haul operators, the BD5 tyre incorporates advanced innovations to offer reliable performance and notable sustainability features.

The tyre uses a specially formulated Long-Life Tread+ rubber compound that is both durable and thermal-resistant, aimed at increasing vehicle uptime and cutting down on maintenance costs. Results from independent testing reveal that the BD5 achieves a 40% increase in mileage compared to its predecessor, the BD08, underscoring its improved lifespan and efficiency.

New Size for Bandvulc BD5 Retread Tyre Revealed
April 19, 2024
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