New Petlas Ptx CD21 (E-2) Tyre Enhances Performance for Industrial Cranes

Petlas Unveils Versatile Ptx CD21 (E-2) Tyre for Mixed Service Use

Petlas has introduced its latest advancement in tyre technology with the launch of the Ptx CD21 (E-2), specifically designed for industrial crane applications. This new tyre, engineered for both on-road and off-road usage, is set to deliver exceptional performance in diverse environments, including urban areas and construction sites.

Key Features of the Ptx CD21 (E-2):

Versatile Performance:The Ptx CD21 (E-2) is tailored to offer comfort on asphalt while maintaining superior traction in challenging construction site conditions. This versatility makes it ideal for varied terrains, enhancing the operational efficiency of industrial cranes.

Advanced Block Design:The innovative block design of the Ptx CD21 (E-2) provides excellent traction and self-cleaning capabilities for off-road use. This ensures maximum efficiency across diverse surfaces, reducing maintenance needs and improving overall performance.

Stone Ejectors:Stone ejectors within the tyre grooves minimise stone retention, thereby protecting the tyre casing from potential damage. This feature enhances the durability of the tyre, ensuring it remains in optimal condition for longer periods.

Interconnected and Reinforced Blocks:The interconnected and reinforced blocks offer a comfortable ride on smooth roads while increasing block durability under tough construction site conditions. This design also provides resistance to irregular wear, contributing to a longer tyre lifespan.

Superior Traction and Braking:With outstanding traction and braking performance on both asphalt and construction sites, the Ptx CD21 (E-2) enhances safety and reliability for crane operators. This ensures that the tyre performs effectively under varying conditions.

Full Steel Radial Construction:The robust full steel radial construction of the Ptx CD21 (E-2) provides superior resistance to punctures and excellent driving comfort, even in demanding environments. This construction ensures that the tyre can withstand heavy-duty use without compromising on comfort.

Retreadable:The highly durable casing structure of the Ptx CD21 (E-2) makes it suitable for retreading. This feature offers a cost-effective solution for extending the tyre’s life, providing added value to operators.

Available Size:

  • 445/95 R25 174F

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