New Continental Conti Eco Tires Aim to Revolutionise Freight Transport

Continental Launches Fifth-Generation Eco Tires for Reduced Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Continental has unveiled its fifth-generation Conti Eco tire line, designed specifically for the freight transportation sector. These innovative tires address the evolving needs of transport customers and align with the EU Taxonomy regulations for fleets. The new Conti Eco tires promise significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, catering to both regional and long-distance haulage operations, thereby reducing overall costs for transport companies.

The newly developed truck tires are available across the EMEA region in two variants: the Conti Eco HS 5 for the tractor unit’s steer axle and the Conti Eco HD 5 for the drive axle. Ferdinand Hoyos, head of Continental’s replacement tires business in the EMEA region, emphasised the rigorous development and extensive testing that have gone into the new product line. "We are in no doubt that we are offering our customers the right tire at the right time," Hoyos stated, highlighting the increasing importance of cost and sustainability factors for fleet operators.

The Conti Eco range represents a consolidation of Continental’s previous tire lines for freight transportation, integrating the best features of the Conti EcoPlus Gen3+ for long-distance haulage and the Conti EcoRegional Gen3+ for regional transport. Hinnerk Kaiser, responsible for truck and bus tire development at Continental, explained that the new tires successfully balance the traditionally conflicting goals of optimised rolling resistance and high mileage.

Technical Innovations and Environmental Benefits

The Conti Eco HS 5 and HD 5 models feature a range of technical innovations designed to improve performance. The steer axle tires have a thicker under-tread that reduces rolling resistance while allowing for tread compounds focused on extending mileage. Meanwhile, the drive axle tires benefit from an optimised shoulder design with innovative sipe technology to promote even tire wear and enhance mileage.

These improvements result in up to a 12% reduction in rolling resistance and a 10% increase in mileage compared to previous models. Such advancements contribute significantly to reducing the environmental footprint of the tires. "If our product increases the fuel efficiency of a truck and lasts longer, the result is lower CO2 emissions," noted Kaiser. For fleet operators, this translates into considerable cost savings and compliance with emissions-based toll charges in the EU.

Focus on Retreading and Digitalisation

Continental’s new Conti Eco tires also support the company's commitment to sustainability through their retreading capabilities. The tires’ casings are designed for retreading, which uses up to 70% of the material from the old tire and costs up to 40% less than a new tire while offering comparable mileage and safety.

In addition to their environmental and cost benefits, the new tires feature advanced grip and traction for safe handling in various weather conditions. Customers can opt for the latest-generation sensors to be integrated into the tires, enhancing fleet digitalisation through the ContiConnect 2.0 tire management solution. This system enables real-time remote monitoring and predictive service planning, further reducing tire-related operating costs.

The new Conti Eco tires are available in several sizes, including:

  • 315/70 R 22.5 Conti Eco HS 5
  • 315/80 R 22.5 Conti Eco HS 5
  • 385/55 R 22.5 Conti Eco HS 5
  • 385/65 R 22.5 Conti Eco HS 5
  • 315/70 R 22.5 Conti Eco HD 5
  • 315/80 R 22.5 Conti Eco HD 5

New Continental Conti Eco Tires Aim to Revolutionise Freight Transport
May 23, 2024
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