Michelin Secures Five-Year Tyre Deal with Reading Buses

Reading Buses has entered into a new five-year contract with Michelin, solidifying a partnership grounded in the high quality of Michelin’s products and their exceptional customer service. This deal will see the integration of Michelin tyres across Reading Buses’ entire fleet of 260 vehicles, enhancing the operator’s efficiency and service reliability.

Enhanced Service with Michelin Tyres

The newly signed agreement places Michelin’s Services and Solutions Division in charge of the supply, fitting, and management of tyres for Reading Buses. Chief Engineer Tom Ranson highlighted the decisive factors in renewing the contract with Michelin: “When the time was coming for renewal we went out to tender in the usual fashion, but it quickly became apparent that sticking with Michelin would be the best option. They are world leaders in terms of manufacturing products that stand the test of time and the level of service we get from everyone involved in the process is very, very good. The overall package works well for us and couldn’t be matched elsewhere.”

Strategic Tyre Management

Under the new contract, Michelin will fit both new and Remix urban bus tyres from the MICHELIN X InCity range on Reading Buses vehicles. These tyres are designed with reinforced sidewalls to protect against kerbing and accidental damage, thereby reducing wheel interventions and downtime. Additionally, tyres from the MICHELIN X Multi range, known for their robustness and damage resistance in urban environments, will be used on smaller single-deck buses and various coaches.

Reading Buses has chosen Michelin’s Full Fit option, which ensures comprehensive management of the tyre lifecycle, including mounting, demounting, and inspection of all built-up wheel assemblies by Michelin technicians. The tyres will be managed through a multi-life policy, regrooving worn tyres on site to extend their life and fuel efficiency. Subsequently, these tyres will be retreaded at the Michelin Remix plant in Stoke, doubling their lifespan and conserving natural resources.

Supporting Fleet Expansion and Modernisation

Reading Buses’ fleet expansion includes new coaches for the Newbury & District service from Basingstoke to Heathrow Airport and additional buses for existing routes such as the Windsor Express to London Victoria. All new vehicles will be equipped with Michelin tyres.

In a forward-looking move, Reading Buses plans to introduce its first electric buses in April next year, fitted with the MICHELIN X InCity EV Z tyres. These tyres, designed specifically for electric vehicles, promise similar performance metrics in terms of rolling resistance, mileage, and damage resistance as their diesel counterparts. Some of the existing fleet’s rear axles are already equipped with the X InCity EV Z Remix tyres.

Ranson concluded, “Michelin are leading the way in terms of EV tyres for buses and that was another thing we considered before signing the new deal.”

A Sustainable Partnership

This partnership between Michelin and Reading Buses underscores a shared commitment to sustainability and operational efficiency, promising to enhance the quality of public transport in Reading and beyond.

Michelin Secures Five-Year Tyre Deal with Reading Buses
June 17, 2024
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