Merityre Specialists Ltd Rejoins TyreSafe to Boost Road Safety Awareness

Merityre Specialists Ltd, has rejoined TyreSafe as official supporters. This significant partnership underscores Merityre’s enduring commitment to the safety of its customers, staff, and the broader community.

Merityre Specialists Ltd Rejoins TyreSafe to Boost Road Safety Awareness
June 19, 2024

TyreSafe, the UK's leading tyre safety charity, collaborates with numerous road safety organisations and stakeholders. The return of Merityre, a prominent tyre retailer with 24 branches across the South of England, marks a key milestone in TyreSafe's mission to reduce tyre-related incidents and raise awareness about tyre safety.

Merityre has built a formidable reputation for offering high-quality products and services, consistently prioritising customer satisfaction and road safety. Their re-engagement with TyreSafe signifies a shared commitment to the charity’s strategic direction and objectives.

Dene Arnold, Director at Merityre Specialists Ltd, expressed enthusiasm about the renewed collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to rejoin TyreSafe as official supporters. Our commitment to road safety has always been a core value, and we believe that by re-engaging with TyreSafe, we can further amplify our efforts to ensure safer roads for everyone. The new strategic direction and positioning in the road safety conversation is something Merityre is fully supportive of and keen to be a part of.”

Stuart Lovatt, TyreSafe Chair, welcomed Merityre back, saying, “We are excited to welcome Merityre back as official supporters of TyreSafe. Their dedication to road safety aligns perfectly with our mission, and their extensive network will be invaluable in reaching more road users. This partnership will enable us to strengthen our local connections and enhance our on-ground activations within the road safety community.”

The renewed support from Merityre is poised to significantly bolster TyreSafe’s ongoing campaigns and initiatives. By leveraging their local presence and expertise, Merityre will play a crucial role in disseminating vital tyre safety messages to a wider audience. This collaboration is expected to contribute substantially to TyreSafe's goal of reducing tyre-related incidents and moving towards a vision of 'zero harm.'

TyreSafe is optimistic about the positive impact this partnership will bring to road safety. Both organisations are eager to work together on future projects, aiming to make significant strides in educating road users about the importance of tyre safety and ensuring safer journeys for all.

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