MAXAM Tire Sponsors Britain’s Fittest Farmer 2024

MAXAM Tire is proud to announce its sponsorship of Britain’s Fittest Farmer 2024, an event that celebrates not only physical strength but also promotes mental resilience within the farming community. This partnership underscores MAXAM's dedication to supporting farmers through both high-performance agricultural tyres and initiatives that enhance overall well-being.

MAXAM Tire Sponsors Britain’s Fittest Farmer 2024
Image Maxam - MAXAM Tire Sponsors Britain’s Fittest Farmer 2024
June 20, 2024

Innovative Tyres for Demanding Environments

Whether in the field or on the road, MAXAM’s range of farm tyres is designed to deliver maximum tyre life and unrivalled performance. Offering a technology-driven selection of products in both standard and VF construction, MAXAM agricultural tyres are meticulously engineered to meet the evolving demands of farm equipment worldwide. This commitment to quality and innovation ensures that farmers can rely on MAXAM for durable and efficient tyre solutions.

Competition Details

Britain’s Fittest Farmer 2024 features a series of heats, with the first taking place at Lincolnshire Showground. The subsequent heats will be held at the Royal Highland Show and the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Show. The competition will culminate in an exciting final at Farm Fitness on 15th September.

Participants in the event will face various challenges, including tyre flipping, a test of both strength and endurance. For women, the challenge involves flipping the 380/85R28 MAXAM AGRIXTRA MS951R tyre, while men will tackle the 480/70R30 MAXAM AGRIXTRA MS951R tyre.

Supporting the Farming Community

By sponsoring Britain’s Fittest Farmer, MAXAM Tire aims to bolster the farming community, not only through their innovative products but also by promoting the importance of physical fitness and mental resilience. This event provides a platform for farmers to demonstrate their strength and perseverance, qualities that are essential in their daily lives and work.

"We are thrilled to support Britain’s Fittest Farmer 2024," said a representative from MAXAM Tire. "This sponsorship aligns with our commitment to the agricultural community, providing top-tier tyre solutions and promoting a holistic approach to well-being."

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