Keolis Partners with Colmec to Boost Sustainability

Keolis, a prominent public transport operator, has entered a new long-term agreement with Colmec, a leading tyre service provider, to supply tyres for its vehicles in Sweden starting from 1 June 2024. This partnership will see Colmec becoming the complete tyre supplier for Keolis, responsible for providing tyre services, including the use of recycled tyres manufactured by Colmec in Sweden.

The agreement underscores a mutual commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact. Colmec will ensure functionality and safety while prioritising the use of recycled tyres for Keolis' vehicles. Notably, half of Keolis' fleet will undergo planned wheel changes at their night parking locations, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

Patrick Sjölin, CEO of Colmec Group, expressed pride in being chosen as Keolis' supplier, viewing it as an opportunity to demonstrate Colmec’s strengths as a leading, brand-independent company in the Swedish market. Lars Olsson, Vehicle Manager at Keolis, highlighted that the collaboration with Colmec would enable Keolis to fulfil its mission in Sweden safely, sustainably, and cost-effectively, with a majority of their tyres being retreaded and recycled, thus bolstering their environmental focus.

Benefits of the Keolis-Colmec Partnership

  1. Sustainability Focus: Colmec will supply recycled tyres manufactured in Sweden, minimising environmental impact and promoting sustainability within Keolis' operations.
  2. Efficient Operations: Planned wheel changes for half of Keolis' fleet at their night parking locations will enhance operational efficiency.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: The comprehensive tyre services provided by Colmec will enable Keolis to operate safely, sustainably, and cost-effectively.
  4. Comprehensive Tyre Services: Colmec will handle all tyre-related services, ensuring both functionality and safety.
  5. Expertise Collaboration: The partnership combines Colmec’s strengths as a leading brand-independent tyre company and Keolis’ expertise in public transportation.

Long-Term Goals of the Partnership

The long-term goals of the partnership between Keolis and Colmec include:

  • Enhanced Sustainability: By using recycled tyres manufactured in Sweden, the partnership aims to significantly reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable practices within public transport operations.
  • Operational Efficiency: The strategy of planned wheel changes at night parking locations is designed to streamline operations, ensuring that Keolis’ fleet remains efficient and ready for service.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: The agreement aims to allow Keolis to carry out its public transport mission in Sweden in a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective manner, leveraging the comprehensive tyre services provided by Colmec.
  • Leveraging Combined Expertise: The partnership capitalises on Colmec’s capabilities as a leading tyre company and Keolis’ extensive experience in public transportation, creating a synergy that benefits both companies and the communities they serve.

Through this strategic collaboration, Keolis and Colmec are poised to set a new standard for sustainability and efficiency in the Swedish public transport sector, highlighting the importance of innovative solutions in addressing environmental challenges.

Keolis Partners with Colmec to Boost Sustainability
June 13, 2024
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