Kavanagh Crane Hire Elevates Fleet with Michelin Tyres

Kavanagh Crane Hire, the leading crane hire company in Ireland, has recently expanded its fleet with three new Liebherr mobile cranes, all equipped with the ultra-durable MICHELIN X Crane + tyres. This move underscores the company’s long-standing commitment to Michelin, a partnership that has been in place since the business was founded in 1973.

Kavanagh Crane Hire Elevates Fleet with Michelin Tyres
The MICHELIN X Crane + is packed full of technologies that help to lower operating costs, while improving comfort and reliability.
June 26, 2024

The new additions to Kavanagh Crane Hire’s fleet include the compact LTC 1050-3.1, a 230-tonne LTM 1230-5.1, and a 300-tonne LTM 1300-6.2. These cranes are set to be deployed across various construction and engineering projects throughout Ireland and into Scotland. The decision to specify the new cranes exclusively with Michelin tyres highlights the company's trust in the performance and reliability of the MICHELIN X Crane +.

Paul Kavanagh, Director of Kavanagh Crane Hire, expressed his confidence in the Michelin tyres, saying, “In our experience, the Michelin tyres can’t be beaten for wear and longevity. The initial cost may be a little bit more but you get what you pay for and the total cost of ownership exceeds all other manufacturers."

Kavanagh further emphasised the company's reliance on Michelin, stating, "We have been fitting Michelins since my father started the business back in the 1970s and today we don’t use anything else. We had seven new cranes join the fleet last year all fitted on the X Crane product and, in total, we will add another seven this year specified on Michelins as well. Typically, we’ll be looking at getting around 50-60,000km out of each set.”

The MICHELIN X Crane + tyres are designed with advanced technologies aimed at lowering operating costs while enhancing comfort and reliability. The latest generation of these tyres boasts a 20 per cent increase in wear life compared to its predecessor, thanks to a more resilient rubber compound in the tread. Additionally, improved cable resistance and a longer-lasting bead area contribute to the tyre's reliability. These tyres can also be regrooved when worn, which not only reduces waste but also makes them more environmentally friendly.

Kavanagh Crane Hire has been buying Michelin tyres since it was established back in 1973.

“These cranes are operating at extremely heavy weights, so we need a tyre that can stand up to that and that we know we can rely on,” adds Kavanagh. “The Michelins handle the load very well, they wear better than any other tyre we’ve had, and they perform better too.”

Kavanagh Crane Hire operates the largest crane fleet in Ireland from four strategically located depots in Carlow, Dublin, Wexford, and Waterford. With more than 60 mobile cranes, ranging from a two-axle city crane to a 700-tonne all-terrain machine, the company continues to lead the industry, setting high standards for reliability and performance with its choice of Michelin tyres.

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