Introducing the new MICHELIN Lithion 4 and MICHELIN Power Protection TLR

Michelin, a renowned player in road cycling, has expanded its Lithion and TLR tire ranges, addressing the diverse needs of cyclists. The new MICHELIN Lithion 4 and MICHELIN Power Protection TLR offer enhanced performance, durability, and grip, catering to various cycling activities, including ultradistance riding and year-round training.

MICHELIN Lithion 4: Enhanced Longevity and Performance

The Lithion 4, developed from customer feedback on previous Lithion models, incorporates advanced technologies and new wider sizes to meet a broader spectrum of demands. It features Magi-X technology for superior grip and a reinforced 60 TPI casing for improved resistance and longevity. Compared to its predecessor, the Lithion 3, it boasts an 8% increase in wet grip and a 5% boost in riding efficiency. Available in sizes from 700x23C to 700x32C, and with new finish options, the Lithion 4 is versatile and ideal for intensive use in all conditions.

MICHELIN Power Protection TLR: Advanced Tubeless Performance

The Power Protection TLR caters to the needs of allroad bikes with its reinforced 120 TPI carcass and high-density protection. This tubeless-ready tire offers improved puncture resistance, especially at low pressures, and enhanced sidewall protection. Utilizing Magi-X rubber technology, it delivers longer life and better grip in damp conditions. Compared to the Power Cup TLR, it provides 30% better puncture resistance and 17% improved wet grip. Available in three sizes, it is suited for various uses, including racing and touring on challenging roads.

With these new additions, Michelin continues to lead in providing high-performance, durable solutions for cyclists.

For a deeper dive into the new features and benefits of the MICHELIN Lithion 4 and MICHELIN Power Protection TLR, read the full article.

Introducing the new MICHELIN Lithion 4 and MICHELIN Power Protection TLR
June 12, 2024
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