Innovative Truck Bodybuilding Takes Centre Stage at TCUBE Exhibition in Italy

The TCUBE exhibition is set to make its grand debut from 17th to 19th October 2024 at the Piacenza Expo in Italy, shining a spotlight on the often-overlooked yet essential sector of truck bodybuilding. This new event aims to bridge the gap between end-users and specialist suppliers, showcasing a diverse range of customised commercial vehicle solutions.

Unlike established trade fairs focusing broadly on road transport, TCUBE is dedicated exclusively to the truck bodybuilding industry. This niche sector involves the design, construction, and installation of customised cargo areas on truck chassis to meet specific transport needs. Whether it's for hauling cars, food, medicine, animals, or transporting bulk materials, the innovative world of truck bodybuilding is critical to maintaining efficient supply chains.

Fabio Potestà, director of Mediapoint & Exhibitions, the company organising TCUBE, underscores the significance of the event. "Bodybuilding is a collaborative effort between truck manufacturers, bodybuilders, and end-users. That’s why a highly targeted event like TCUBE is so important to help make introductions and facilitate discussions to ensure the final product perfectly aligns with its intended purpose," he explains.

Made in Italy

Italy's rich heritage in metalworking and design makes it an ideal location for TCUBE. The country is renowned for its commercial vehicle bodybuilding industry, noted for producing high-performance, aesthetically pleasing, and quality truck bodies. Italian bodybuilders are at the forefront of using advanced materials like aluminium and composites, which enhance fuel efficiency and payload capacity. Additionally, there is a growing trend in Italy towards using electric truck chassis fitted with customised bodies, reflecting a strong commitment to sustainable transport solutions.

"Italy has a rich heritage in metal working and design, and Italian bodybuilders are known for delivering not only on aesthetics but also on quality," Potestà adds. "The industry here is at the forefront of using lightweight yet strong materials, such as aluminium and composites, to improve fuel efficiency and payload capacity. We are also seeing increasing use of electric truck chassis with a variety of customised bodies, showcasing Italy’s commitment to sustainable transport solutions."

Innovation, Sustainability, and Regulation

The TCUBE 2024 conference programme is still being finalised, but it is expected to cover key themes such as the sustainability of the road transport industry, technological updates of vehicles and components, and the latest regulations in Italy and the EU. This will provide a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to share knowledge and collaborate on driving progress in the European truck bodybuilding industry.

TCUBE will also feature an extensive showcase of parts, components, accessories, and equipment essential for the trucking industry. This includes tyres, engines and transmissions, lubricants, greases, filters, paints, coatings, decals, cargo securing systems, vehicle wash systems, workshop equipment, and tyre service equipment.

"We are looking forward to welcoming exhibitors, conference speakers, and visitors to the inaugural TCUBE at Piacenza Expo in Italy this October. The event promises to be an exciting and insightful exploration of the diverse and ingenious world of truck bodybuilding," Potestà concludes.

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Innovative Truck Bodybuilding Takes Centre Stage at TCUBE Exhibition in Italy
June 13, 2024
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