HiQ Commences Nationwide Standards Programme Across UK Network

HiQ Tyres & Autocare has announced the initiation of a nationwide network standards programme for its franchised centres and service partners, marking a significant investment aimed at delivering consistent, industry-leading standards throughout its UK network.

The enhanced programme will involve consultants assessing over 200 parameters, including store aesthetics, customer service, and operational capabilities. This comprehensive audit ensures a safe environment where all regulations and compliance requirements are met, reinforcing HiQ’s commitment to delivering the best possible service.

HiQ Commences Nationwide Standards Programme Across UK Network
HiQ Commences Nationwide Standards Programme Across UK Network
June 25, 2024

A cornerstone of the 160-branch network, the audit is an attractive feature for franchises and represents a crucial investment in supporting HiQ’s partners. Independently accredited by the CAR Consulting Group, a specialist automotive consultancy, the process began in May and is overseen by a team of skilled inspectors and consultants.

HiQ centres, typically small independent businesses run by entrepreneurs, benefit significantly from being part of the nationally recognised, Goodyear-backed network. The audit provides HiQ with a deeper analysis of its network, enabling the company to shape its marketing and operational strategy more effectively moving forward. Centres will receive platinum, gold, or silver certifications based on their performance, which will be displayed in reception areas and utilised for local marketing.

HiQ Coventry, located on Endemere Road, was among the first to undergo the audit process. Centre Manager Jack Petch shared his enthusiasm, stating, “It’s a fantastic experience being part of a new standards audit for the company. It's always nice to showcase how much hard work and determination goes into making a safe, clean, and presentable workplace and maintaining the premium HiQ Tyres & Autocare brand identity.”

Dack Motor Group, operating another HiQ centre in Coventry on Torrington Avenue, has also completed the audit process.

Craig Sprigmore, Goodyear Retail Director UK & Ireland, highlighted the benefits of the nationwide audit, saying, “HiQ has a culture of constant improvement and looking ahead to the future. This audit helps us recognise the exceptional work that goes on inside HiQ centres every day, while also identifying how we as a franchise can ensure consistency of experience, standards, and quality for every driver that chooses HiQ.

“I’d like to thank our franchisees and service partners for their commitment and engagement to the process, each of whom recognise the investment that will make us stronger as a brand.”

The nationwide standards programme not only aims to enhance the customer experience across HiQ’s network but also underscores the company’s dedication to continuous improvement and excellence in the automotive service industry.

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