Hillhead 2024: Preview of Industry Innovation and Advancements in a Unique Quarry Setting

Hillhead 2024 is set to be a landmark event for the tyre industry and related sectors. Scheduled from June 25 to 27, this year's show promises to offer unparalleled opportunities for attendees to engage with key industry players within the unique backdrop of a quarry in Buxton. This distinctive setting allows Hillhead to demonstrate real job site applications like no other event.

Hillhead 2024: Innovation in a Quarry Setting

A Unique Quarry Venue

Hillhead's quarry location provides a distinctive and practical environment for demonstrating the latest advancements in the industry. The natural terrain offers a realistic context for equipment and technology showcases.

Autonomous Truck Demonstration

One of the standout features this year will be the first-ever live demonstration of an autonomous truck. This demonstration is part of the most extensive range of live presentations in the event's history, highlighting cutting-edge innovations in the field.

Emphasis on Industry Advancements

Key Technological Exhibits

Hillhead 2024 will spotlight significant advancements in technology and machinery. Key exhibits include:

  • Hyundai's 100-Tonne Excavator
  • Volvo Equipment's All-Electric Display
  • Hitachi's Connected Site Solutions

Insights from Richard Bradbury

Richard Bradbury, managing director of event organiser The QMJ Group, emphasised the focus on industry progress. "This year, we have emphasised demonstrating to visitors the progress our industry is making," Bradbury stated. He highlighted the impressive autonomous truck demonstration with Bell Equipment and numerous electric-powered machines debuting in live demonstrations.

Educational Value of Hillhead

Bradbury also noted the educational aspects of the event, stressing the importance of technological advancements such as digitalisation. Attendees will learn about:

  • Telemetry Solutions
  • Machine Control
  • Drones
  • AI-Driven Safety
  • 3D Site Management and Modelling

These features bring the concept of the connected site to life, supported by enhanced onsite Wi-Fi connectivity for live data feeds from the demonstrations.

Expanded Facilities and Engagement Opportunities

Improved Amenities

Hillhead 2024 will boast a 30% larger indoor pavilion, an outdoor hub with the Big Hillhead Cafe, improved permanent welfare facilities, and water hydration stations.

Enhanced Social Media Engagement

An expanded viewing platform will enhance social media engagement, ensuring visitors can widely share their experiences.

Exhibitor List and Sectors at Hillhead

Tyre Manufacturers


  • City 1st (Stand U5) Goodride and Westlake OTR distributor
  • GB Tyres (Stand M6) with Samson and Advance ranges
  • Kirkby Tyres (Stand W9) BKT Earthmax

Tyre Repair and Maintenance

Hillhead 2024: Preview of Industry Innovation and Advancements in a Unique Quarry Setting
May 23, 2024


What are the dates for Hillhead 2024?
Hillhead 2024 will take place from June 25 to 27.

Where is Hillhead 2024 being held?
The event is held in a quarry in Buxton, providing a unique and practical setting for demonstrations.

What is unique about Hillhead 2024?
This year's event will feature the first-ever live demonstration of an autonomous truck and showcase significant advancements in technology and machinery.

Who are some of the key exhibitors at Hillhead 2024?
Key exhibitors include Hyundai, Volvo Equipment, Hitachi, Continental, Goodyear, Trelleborg, and many more.

What new technologies will be showcased at Hillhead 2024?
Technologies such as telemetry solutions, machine control, drones, AI-driven safety, and 3D site management and modelling will be showcased.

How can I engage with Hillhead 2024 on social media?
An expanded viewing platform and enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity will allow for increased social media engagement, enabling visitors to share their experiences widely.

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