Hankook Tyre UK Team Triumphs in 10k Wolf Run for Air Ambulance Services

The Hankook Tyre UK team recently took on the formidable 10k Wolf Run at Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, in a bid to support the Air Ambulance Services. This run, featuring both man-made and natural obstacles amidst dense woodland, provided a grueling challenge for the team. Through various fundraising activities, including office cake sales and social media campaigns, the Hankook team raised an impressive £1,028, positioning them among the top 15 percent fundraisers on JustGiving in June.

Hankook Tyre UK Team Triumphs in 10k Wolf Run for Air Ambulance Services
The Hankook Tyre UK team participated in a 10k Wolf Run, raising £1,028 for the Air Ambulance Services. Discover how their efforts support lifesaving missions.
July 5, 2024

The 10k Wolf Run Experience

A Challenging Course

The Wolf Run is notorious for its tough course that combines natural terrains with challenging obstacles. Participants must navigate through thick mud, dense woods, and icy water, making it a test of both physical and mental endurance.

Hankook Team’s Journey

The Hankook Tyre UK team, dubbed the "Hankook wolf pack," approached the run with determination and teamwork. Their preparation involved intense training sessions and a strong focus on building stamina and resilience. On the day of the run, their collective effort and spirit were evident as they tackled each obstacle with enthusiasm.

Fundraising Efforts

Charity Events

In the lead-up to the event, the Hankook team engaged in various fundraising activities. Office cake sales became a popular event, with employees contributing baked goods and purchasing them to support the cause. Social media played a significant role in raising awareness and encouraging donations.

Achieving Fundraising Milestones

Through their dedicated efforts, the team raised £1,028 for the Air Ambulance Services. This achievement placed them in the top 15 percent of fundraisers on JustGiving in June, highlighting their commitment and success in supporting this vital cause.

Partnership with Air Ambulance Services

A Lifesaving Collaboration

The partnership between Hankook and the Air Ambulance Service began in 2017, when Hankook donated the first set of tyres for the charity’s Critical Care Cars. These cars play a crucial role in the charity's operations, especially when helicopters cannot be used due to darkness or extreme weather conditions.

Donations and Impact

To date, Hankook has donated over 200 tyres to the charity. The Critical Care Cars are equipped with Hankook’s Ventus S1evo 3 SUV tyres, known for their excellent performance on both wet and dry roads, as well as high driving stability and steering precision. These tyres ensure that the Critical Care Cars can reach emergencies swiftly and safely, providing lifesaving support year-round.

The Importance of Air Ambulance Services

Mission and Operations

The Air Ambulance Service operates helicopters and Critical Care Cars to provide rapid response to emergencies. Their helicopters are essential for reaching remote or difficult-to-access areas quickly. When helicopters are not an option, the Critical Care Cars ensure that medical teams can still deliver urgent care.

Community Support and Funding

As a charity, the Air Ambulance Service relies heavily on donations and community support. Fundraising events like the Wolf Run are vital in securing the necessary funds to maintain and expand their operations, ensuring they can continue to save lives.

Further information on the Air Ambulance Services and their lifesaving mission can be found here: https://theairambulanceservice.org.uk/


How much did the Hankook Tyre UK team raise for the Air Ambulance Services?

The team raised £1,028.

What is the Wolf Run?

The Wolf Run is a challenging 10k run featuring natural and man-made obstacles.

When did Hankook start partnering with the Air Ambulance Service?

The partnership began in 2017.

How many tyres has Hankook donated to the Air Ambulance Service?

Hankook has donated over 200 tyres.

What tyres are used on the Critical Care Cars?

The cars are fitted with Hankook’s Ventus S1evo 3 SUV tyres.

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