Hankook Launches e-SMART City AU56 Tyre for Electric Buses

Hankook Unveils First Tyre Designed for All-Electric City Buses

Neu-Isenburg, Germany – 5 June 2024: Hankook has introduced the e-SMART City AU56, a pioneering tyre developed specifically for electric city buses. Debuted at The Tire Cologne 2024, this innovative tyre is designed to meet the unique demands of electric public transport, offering enhanced efficiency, safety, and durability.

Optimised for Electric Buses

The e-SMART City AU56 is Hankook’s first tyre tailored for electric city buses, boasting features such as low rolling resistance, high load capacity, and exceptional grip. This ensures a longer range per battery charge while efficiently managing the high torque generated by electric motors. The tyre is also optimised for a higher weight rating, accommodating the heavy batteries of electric buses.

Guy Heywood, Vice President of Marketing Strategy for Truck and Bus at Hankook Tire Europe, highlighted the significance of this development: “We’re very proud to present our first product developed specifically for all-electric city buses with the e-SMART City AU56. This tyre increases the efficiency of public transport and advances the transition to electromobility. Its low wear rate enables long-term use, thus reducing costs. High-strength materials and innovative design ensure durability even under extreme load conditions. Its structure also makes it ideal for regrooving and retreading, which contributes to reducing resource consumption.”

Meeting Rigorous Requirements

Tyres for electric buses must withstand high day-to-day demands, including low rolling resistance for maximum range and safe torque transfer without excessive abrasion. The e-SMART City AU56 is engineered to handle the significant weight of electric buses and to operate quietly, enhancing passenger comfort in urban environments.

To address these needs, the tyre features reinforced sidewalls to protect against impacts and damage from curbs and bus stops. It also incorporates a three-stage indicator to easily monitor sidewall wear, ensuring ongoing safety and performance.

Advanced Technologies for Superior Performance

The e-SMART City AU56 incorporates cutting-edge technologies, including AI-assisted design, digital twin testing, and 3D-printed tread patterns. These innovations enhance durability and grip, crucial for electric vehicles’ high torque. S-shaped sipes and three-dimensional zig-zag lines within the tread blocks improve interlocking and extend the tyre’s lifespan. Concealed grooves and sipes exposed as the tread wears down ensure continuous safety and traction on wet surfaces. Step-shaped blocks prevent stone trapping, further prolonging the tyre’s life.

Award-Winning Design

The e-SMART City AU56’s advanced design and functionality have earned it the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2024. This recognition underscores Hankook Tire’s leadership in the electric vehicle tyre market. The tyre will initially be available in the popular size 275/70 R 22.5 and is suitable for all axle positions. It carries both the M+S label and the 3PMSF snowflake symbol, confirming its winter suitability. A new pictogram on the sidewall, depicting an electric bus, clearly identifies it as a specialised electric bus tyre.

With the introduction of the e-SMART City AU56, Hankook is setting a new standard for electric bus tyres, contributing significantly to the advancement of sustainable public transport.

Q&A: Hankook e-SMART City AU56 Tyre for Electric Buses

What is the Hankook e-SMART City AU56?

The Hankook e-SMART City AU56 is a newly developed tyre specifically designed for all-electric city buses. It features low rolling resistance, high load capacity, and excellent grip to enhance efficiency and safety.

When was the e-SMART City AU56 unveiled?

The e-SMART City AU56 was unveiled on 5 June 2024 at The Tire Cologne 2024 exhibition.

What are the key benefits of the e-SMART City AU56 for electric buses?

The tyre offers a longer range per battery charge, low wear rate, enhanced durability, and reduced noise levels. It is also suitable for all axle positions and optimised for regrooving and retreading, which reduces resource consumption and costs.

What technologies are used in the development of the e-SMART City AU56?

The tyre incorporates advanced technologies such as AI-assisted design, digital twin testing, and 3D-printed tread patterns. These innovations improve durability, grip, and safety.

How does the e-SMART City AU56 enhance safety and performance?

The tyre features S-shaped sipes, three-dimensional zig-zag lines, and concealed grooves that are exposed as the tread wears down, ensuring continuous traction and adhesion on wet surfaces. Step-shaped blocks prevent stone trapping, further extending the tyre’s life.

Has the e-SMART City AU56 received any awards?

Yes, the e-SMART City AU56 won the Red Dot Design Award 2024 for its advanced design and high functionality.

What size is the e-SMART City AU56 available in?

The tyre is initially available in the commercial vehicle size 275/70 R 22.5.

What labels does the e-SMART City AU56 carry?

The tyre carries both the M+S label and the snowflake symbol (3PMSF), confirming its suitability for use in winter conditions. It also features a new pictogram of an electric bus on the sidewall, explicitly identifying it as an electric bus tyre.

Why is the e-SMART City AU56 ideal for city use?

The tyre is designed to handle the high mechanical loads and impacts typical in city environments, with reinforced sidewalls for added protection. It also provides a quiet ride, increasing passenger comfort in urban traffic.

Who can benefit from using the e-SMART City AU56?

Bus companies and transport authorities operating electric city buses can benefit from the e-SMART City AU56’s enhanced efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

How does the e-SMART City AU56 contribute to sustainability?

The tyre’s low wear rate, suitability for regrooving and retreading, and use of high-strength materials reduce resource consumption and extend its lifespan, supporting sustainable public transport initiatives.

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