Hankook EV Tyres Excel in Latest Industry Tests Across Various Categories

Hankook Tyres Excel in Industry Tests, Leading the Way for EVs and SUVs

Hankook tyres have reinforced their position as a front-runner in the tyre industry, showcasing outstanding results in several comparative evaluations spanning various vehicle segments, such as electric vehicles (EVs), sports cars, and SUVs.

Their dedication to safety, performance, and cost-effectiveness shines through, especially with the Hankook iON evo SUV tyre.

This model, crafted for electric SUVs, has achieved an "Exemplary" rating in the prestigious Auto Bild 2024 EV Summer tyre test. The iON evo SUV incorporates cutting-edge i Sound Absorber technology and an aerodynamic shape that significantly lowers noise, setting a new benchmark in tyre design for modern electric vehicles. For a deeper look into how Hankook continues to innovate and lead in tyre technology, read the full article.

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