FETF Grants 60% Funding for CTIS, Backed by Continental’s Agricultural Tyre Expertise

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) has made onboard and retrofittable central tyre inflation systems (CTIS) eligible for 60% grant funding, significantly reducing the investment cost for farmers. Agricultural tyre manufacturer Continental advocates that this initiative will positively impact soil health. Alongside this funding, Continental offers advanced technology and tools to help farmers optimise their equipment and maintain soil integrity.


What is the primary focus of the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF) regarding agricultural machinery?

The FETF is focused on promoting the use of central tyre inflation systems (CTIS) by providing 60% grant funding for both onboard and retrofittable systems, which helps in improving soil health.

How much financial support does the FETF provide for CTIS, and what is the cost to farmers?

The FETF covers 60% of the expected £6,933 cost of a CTIS, meaning farmers only need to invest £2,773.20.

What specific requirement must CTIS meet to be eligible for the FETF grant?

The CTIS must be capable of regulating the pressure of all tyres on the vehicle, controlled by the operator from the cab using a linked pneumatic control unit.

Which types of vehicles are eligible for the FETF grant coverage for CTIS?

The grant applies to tractors, sprayers, loaders, and some forestry machinery. It does not cover cars and trucks.

What benefits does adjusting tyre pressure using CTIS provide to farmers?

Adjusting tyre pressure helps reduce soil compaction, enhances machine efficiency, and improves overall soil health by adapting pressure based on load and ground conditions.

How does Continental assist farmers in managing tyre pressures?

Continental offers the TireTech app, available for Apple and Android devices, which helps operators select the optimal tyre pressure. Additionally, they provide ContiPressureCheck, a sensor that monitors heat build-up and pressure in real-time.

What additional value does Continental’s TireTech app and ContiPressureCheck sensor provide?

The TireTech app offers comprehensive data on Continental’s agricultural tyres, aiding in pressure optimisation. The ContiPressureCheck sensor provides real-time tyre pressure and temperature data, allowing for adjustments throughout the working day.

Are there options for integrating CTIS into new agricultural machines?

Yes, some brands like Fendt offer in-built systems such as VarioGrip on new models. Continental also provides a range of tyres compatible with these systems.

What is the potential impact of using CTIS on soil health according to Continental?

By utilising CTIS and the associated technologies, machinery can minimise its impact on soil, thereby reducing soil compaction and enhancing soil health, ultimately benefiting agricultural productivity.

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