Falken Unveils New Eco-Friendly ZIEX ZE320 Tyre

Falken Tyres is poised to launch the successor to its acclaimed ZIEX ZE310 Ecorun. The new Falken ZIEX ZE320, while shedding the ‘Ecorun’ suffix, promises to deliver even greater environmental benefits alongside improved performance metrics.

Scheduled for its initial release in early summer 2024, the first twelve sizes of the ZE320 will soon be available across Europe, with an additional 48 sizes to follow by spring 2025. This rollout will encompass 60 sizes ranging from 15 to 18 inches, with speed ratings reaching up to 270 km/h, including “H” and “V” variants.

A standout feature of the ZE320 is its sustainable design, produced in Turkey with an innovative use of rice husk-derived silica. Falken and its parent company, Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI), have leveraged over 30 years of research to optimise the use of silica in tyres. This environmentally friendly filler balances excellent wet weather grip with low wear rates and extended tyre life, aligning with SRI's 'Driving Our Future Challenge 2050' sustainability goals.

Rice husks, an abundant agricultural by-product, are converted into silica with a lower carbon footprint compared to traditional methods. Extracting silica from rice husk ashes not only emits fewer greenhouse gases but also generates heat that can be repurposed into electrical energy for further processing tasks. This innovative approach reduces the overall CO2 emissions associated with tyre production, contributing to a more sustainable manufacturing process.

The ZE320 has already impressed industry experts in pre-production tests. In March, the tyre was put through its paces by Auto Zeitung magazine, earning high praise for its advancements over the ZE310. “With its successor to the ZE310 Ecorun, Falken appears to have achieved great success. In initial tests, the new product has made significant advances in every area and achieved a very strong performance overall. Even without ‘Ecorun’ in its name, its rolling resistance is noticeably lower,” remarked the publication.

Motorists eager to experience these advancements will not have long to wait, with the first deliveries expected to hit dealers in the coming months. The ZE320 is set to continue Falken’s legacy of combining performance with environmental responsibility, promising a brighter and greener future for the tyre industry.

Falken Unveils New Eco-Friendly ZIEX ZE320 Tyre
June 17, 2024
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