ENSO to Establish First Carbon-Neutral Tyre Factory in the United States

ENSO, a leader in tyre technology, has unveiled plans to build a revolutionary carbon-neutral factory in the United States. This announcement, made at the SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington DC, marks a milestone for the industry and highlights the commitment to greener, more efficient tyre production.

ENSO to Establish First Carbon-Neutral Tyre Factory in the United States
ENSO to Establish First Carbon-Neutral Tyre Factory in the United States
June 25, 2024

ENSO's ambitious project comes on the heels of signing a Letter of Interest with the Export-Import Bank of the United States. The factory, set to be the first of its kind, will leverage the support of US-based technology partners Rockwell, the global sustainable development firm Arup, and investors 8090 Industries and Galway Sustainable Capital.

The new facility will utilise carbon-neutral raw materials, sustainable building practices, and 100% renewable energy sources. In its initial phase, the factory aims to produce five million tyres for electric vehicles (EVs) by 2027, creating 600 new jobs. Upon reaching full capacity, the factory will produce 20 million tyres annually, representing 8% of the US tyre market and generating 2,400 jobs. Moreover, the site will include a research and development campus dedicated to advancing tyre technology.

Potential locations for the factory include Colorado, Nevada, Texas, and Georgia. The US, and particularly California, offers a substantial consumer base for EVs and has stringent regulations on tyre efficiency and emissions, making it an ideal market for ENSO’s innovative products.

US regulatory support, including the Inflation Reduction Act and strict Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, aligns perfectly with ENSO’s mission. Initiatives like California’s Energy Commission Replacement Tire Efficiency Program and the California Environmental Protection Agency's efforts to control tyre chemicals are pivotal to the project’s success.

Currently, tyres are indispensable to the US economy, yet most are imported. ENSO’s factory aims to enhance domestic production, thus reducing reliance on imports. A significant portion of Americans have shown a preference for tyres manufactured in the US using fewer toxic materials, producing fewer emissions, and incorporating recycled materials.

ENSO's tyres, which can extend EV range by 10% and reduce particulate emissions by 35%, address a critical pollution source. Tyre pollution, which contributes six million tons of particulate matter globally, is a major factor in ocean microplastics and air pollution. ENSO’s commitment to phasing out fossil fuel-based raw materials by 2030 in favour of bio-based alternatives underscores its role as an environmental leader.

The US market stands to benefit significantly from ENSO’s initiative, both economically and environmentally. The new factory is a substantial investment in the future of tyre manufacturing, setting unprecedented standards for sustainability and innovation within the industry.

ENSO CEO Gunnlaugur Erlendsson remarked, "The U.S. is the best place for ENSO to establish its first carbon-neutral tire factory. With strong regulatory support and a significant market opportunity, we are committed to bringing our innovative, low-emission, low-cost tires to American consumers. This factory will make tires more affordable, reduce tire pollution, create great jobs and drive sustainability in the U.S. tire industry.”

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