Delphi Enhances Diagnostic Capabilities with Volvo Integration

Delphi has announced the integration of Volvo into its security gateway solution as part of its latest diagnostic software update, enhancing the capabilities of its advanced BlueTech diagnostic tool. This integration allows Delphi's BlueTech tool to seamlessly obtain Volvo authorisation tokens, streamlining the authentication process for technicians.

Delphi Enhances Diagnostic Capabilities with Volvo Integration
June 18, 2024

The sophisticated BlueTech diagnostic tool, designed to automatically authenticate with Volvo's security gateway, provides busy technicians with unrestricted access to crucial diagnostic functions. Phil Mitchell, European Workshop Solutions Manager at Delphi, emphasised the importance of this innovation: “Everyday tasks like reading and clearing fault codes are no longer straightforward on today’s connected vehicles. Our solution streamlines this process, allowing technicians to efficiently perform their jobs without the hassle.”

Security gateways are crucial for protecting connected vehicles from hacking by limiting access to certain diagnostic functions to only authorised personnel. Manually navigating these gateways is often a time-consuming process for workshops, requiring a vehicle manufacturer (VM) authorisation token for each job. This entails managing multiple portal accounts and dealing with the complexities of purchasing credits and invoicing.

“Trying to manually gain access through these gateways is incredibly time consuming for busy workshops,” said Mitchell. “Technicians need a VM authorisation token for each job, requiring workshops to manage multiple portal accounts and handle the headache of purchasing credits and invoicing. Delphi is taking away that hassle by simplifying the whole process. Register once, and we’ll do the rest.”

With this latest update, workshops using Delphi’s DS180 BlueTech diagnostics tool and DS car and light commercial vehicle software now gain direct access to a range of manufacturers, including Iveco, Mercedes-Benz and Smart, Stellantis, Volkswagen Group, and now Volvo. Additionally, Renault and Dacia are accessible via pass-thru.

Delphi’s automated security gateway allows garages to efficiently service security-protected vehicles, complemented by the DTC-assist functionality that provides guided diagnostic assistance to technicians. This innovation ensures that tasks that were once cumbersome can now be performed swiftly and accurately.

“Purchasing the diagnostic tool is just the starting point,” Mitchell continued. “We offer complimentary e-learning diagnostic courses to software license holders, giving them the confidence to undertake complex diagnostic processes.”

Looking ahead, Delphi plans to further expand its VM coverage in future software releases, continually enhancing the utility and efficiency of its diagnostic solutions for workshops across Europe.

This enhancement aligns with Delphi's commitment to providing advanced, user-friendly diagnostic tools that simplify the increasingly complex landscape of vehicle maintenance and repair.

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