Davanti Expands Ultra-High Performance Tyre Range with Protoura Race

Davanti Tyres has broadened its ultra-high performance (UHP) tyre range by introducing a new semi-slick track tyre, the Protoura Race. This latest addition complements the Protoura Sport within Davanti’s portfolio, designed for those seeking exceptional performance on both the road and racing circuits.

The Protoura Race is engineered for drivers who wish to extend their high-performance driving experience from the road to the track. As Davanti’s inaugural track tyre, it boasts a semi-slick tread design, offering a balance of dry grip and wet control without sacrificing speed. Key features include a directional tread pattern for superior wet weather handling, enhanced carcass strength for improved feedback and control during high-speed cornering, and a new compound that increases grip, enhancing both braking and acceleration capabilities. This semi-slick design also enables seamless transitions from track to road use.

Following rigorous testing under demanding conditions, the Protoura Race has demonstrated its ability to deliver the agility and pace required on race tracks. It has been tested at prominent locations, including Spain’s Applus IDIADA testing grounds and Calafat Circuit, as well as Silverstone, the UK’s iconic Formula One venue.

Protoura Sport: Combining Technology and Design for Superior Performance

The Protoura Sport, another flagship tyre from Davanti, merges advanced technological features with a premium design to ensure exceptional grip, endurance, and comfort. This tyre is distinguished by its sports performance and technical prowess.

Its design features include a maximised contact patch with a continuous centre rib that enhances cornering forces and road contact, hydro-dynamic dimples that reduce drag and improve water evacuation, and modified outer channels that minimise road noise. Additionally, ribbed and serrated block edges enhance grip under longitudinal forces, while trapezoid projections in the inner groove create low-pressure zones for better water flow.

Protoura Sport DSP Runflat: Peace of Mind and High Performance

For drivers who favour sporty handling but often cover longer distances, the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat offers a compelling option. This tyre incorporates the benefits of runflat technology, delivering superior grip, endurance, and comfort.

Developed and tested to meet original equipment (OE) standards, the Protoura Sport DSP Runflat ensures optimal performance. Davanti’s comprehensive testing programme includes a standard drum test and additional tests to address runflat-specific challenges. These tests include the Pop-on pressure test for easy mounting and dismounting, the RPA sensitivity test to ensure compatibility with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, and the rim roll-off test to certify that deflated tyres remain securely mounted during lateral forces.

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