Continental's First Truck Tyre Plant Achieves ISCC PLUS Sustainability Certification

The Continental truck tyre plant in Púchov, Slovakia, has become the first of its kind within the company to receive the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS. This certification, awarded on July 9, 2024, confirms the plant's adherence to stringent sustainability standards and the transparency of its raw material traceability processes.

Continental's First Truck Tyre Plant Achieves ISCC PLUS Sustainability Certification
Continental's First Truck Tyre Plant Achieves ISCC PLUS Sustainability Certification
July 11, 2024

Anton Vatala, Head of the Continental truck tyre plant in Púchov, stated, "Our plant in Púchov is the first Continental truck tyre plant to receive the ISCC PLUS certification. It is a sign of our commitment to both quality and sustainability."

The ISCC PLUS certification requires compliance with various criteria, including raw material traceability, environmental standards, ecosystem protection, and the promotion of sustainable economic development. By fulfilling these standards, Continental can ensure that the materials used in tyre production are traceable from sustainable sources.

Continental aims to integrate more than 40 percent renewable and recycled materials into its tyres by 2030, with a long-term goal of producing tyres entirely from sustainable materials by 2050. The Púchov plant joins other certified Continental sites in Lousado, Portugal, and Hefei, China, in advancing towards this objective.

Jorge Almeida, Head of Sustainability at Continental Tires, emphasised the significance of the certification, saying, "Certifying our production processes underpins our extensive efforts in the area of sustainability. With ISCC PLUS, we are able to tackle the transition to a circular economy and a sustainable bio-economy."

Continental is progressively adopting the mass-balance approach, which mixes fossil, renewable, and recycled raw materials in existing systems and tracks their usage throughout the value chain. This method allows for a gradual increase in the proportion of sustainable materials in their products, ensuring accurate reporting and complete traceability.

The Púchov plant, which started tyre production in 1950, now employs over 5,000 people and manufactures tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, and trucks. It also houses a technology centre for global tyre research and development and the consolidated unit of ContiTech.

Continental's efforts in Púchov and other locations represent significant milestones in their journey towards achieving full sustainability in tyre production by 2050.

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