Continental Expands TPMS Production in Bangalore to Meet Growing Demand

Continental has inaugurated an expanded production line for its Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) at its Bangalore plant. This expansion, driven by Vision Zero and a dedication to safety, aims to meet the increasing market demand in India, with a launch capacity of 3.3 million wheel units per year and plans for further growth.

Continental Expands TPMS Production in Bangalore to Meet Growing Demand
Continental Expands TPMS Production in Bangalore to Meet Growing Demand
June 27, 2024

Ramnath Sivaraman, Head of Motion Technologies and Services at Continental Automotive India, highlighted the importance of this expansion. “With the growing demand and evolving market needs, Continental’s expansion of the existing TPMS line underscores our commitment to providing advanced and affordable safety technologies. This second-generation TPMS will enhance vehicle safety and contribute to cleaner mobility by ensuring optimal tyre pressure.”

The new TPMS line features fully automated processes with minimal manual intervention, aligning with Continental’s smart manufacturing initiatives. This state-of-the-art line supports local Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and targets export markets, primarily Korea.

The second-generation TPMS offers superior accuracy in measuring tyre pressure, temperature, and motion from within the tyre. It transmits this data via radio frequency and the vehicle communication network, displaying it in the instrument cluster. Such precise information is crucial for maintaining optimal air pressure, ensuring vehicle safety, and improving efficiency. Initially, the new line will assemble wheel units locally, with plans to localise child parts in the second phase.

Phanindra Karody, Head of the Bangalore Plant, emphasised the focus on localisation. “The expanded TPMS line incorporates cutting-edge smart manufacturing processes, including collaborative robots (Cobots) and digital traceability systems. This expansion underscores our commitment to scaling up production to meet both local and global demands. Over the next three years, we plan to double our TPMS production capacity to support our growth and enhance mobility safety, eco-friendliness, and comfort.”

Continental’s TPMS offers significant benefits such as optimised tyre usage, enhanced driving safety, reduced CO₂ emissions, lower fuel consumption, and extended battery range for electric vehicles. Advanced features like problem tyre localisation and user-friendly smartphone apps, such as the Filling Assistant and Tyre Data, further enhance its value for consumers. With a reliable lifespan of up to ten years and a lightweight design, this TPMS sets a high industry standard.

The Bangalore plant, Continental’s largest electronics manufacturing facility in India, exemplifies a smart factory with technologies like Cobots, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and automated systems ensuring operational efficiency and precision. These processes provide a strategic advantage in rapid localisation and faster product-to-market solutions, reinforcing Continental’s leadership in automotive technology. The plant’s Green Plant Label Gold certification aligns with Continental’s sustainability goals, further solidifying its commitment to environmental responsibility.

With this expansion, Continental continues to pave the way for safer, more efficient, and sustainable mobility solutions, marking another milestone in its journey towards achieving Vision Zero.

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