Continental and Samsara Partner for Data-Driven Fleet Solutions

Continental's in-tire sensor data and Samsara's trailer data to provide comprehensive trailer status information for efficient and sustainable fleet management

Continental, a global leader in tyre and automotive technology, has announced a partnership with Samsara, a prominent telematics provider. This collaboration aims to enhance data-driven fleet management solutions, particularly focusing on truck trailers. The partnership will integrate Continental’s in-tire sensor data, which includes critical metrics such as tyre pressure and mileage, with Samsara's extensive trailer data.

Continental and Samsara Partner for Data-Driven Fleet Solutions
Continental and Telematics Provider Samsara Partner for Data-Driven Fleet Solutions
July 2, 2024

The integration promises to deliver a comprehensive view of trailer status, facilitating improved safety, streamlined productivity, optimised maintenance intervals, and enhanced trailer allocation and planning. This initiative aligns with Continental’s "Lowest Overall Driving Costs" (LODC) concept, aiming to reduce fleet operation costs by leveraging advanced data analytics.

“Our collaboration with Samsara will deliver comprehensive and user-centric solutions, enriching the overall experience of fleet customers. We envision this as the first of many projects to provide even more holistic and actionable insights to fleet operators. After all, tyres have a significant impact on the sustainability of a fleet and on its costs. On average, they are an influencing factor for half of a fleet’s costs," said Clarisa Doval, Head of Digital Solutions at Continental Tires.

The integration will be facilitated by Continental's third-party integration capabilities and Samsara’s open API, ensuring a seamless and efficient data exchange between the two systems. This collaboration is expected to significantly enhance the visibility of trailer assets for fleet managers, contributing to more informed decision-making and improved operational efficiency.

Continental and Samsara will showcase their joint efforts at the "Samsara Beyond" event in Chicago, USA, from June 26 to 28. Clarisa Doval will participate in a panel discussion titled "On the Move: Innovations in Trailer Technology" on June 27, highlighting the innovations and benefits of the partnership.

Continental continues to innovate with new business models and smart digital solutions centred on its premium tyres. The company aims to become a global leader in service-based digital solutions by 2030, offering extensive tyre services to fleet customers worldwide. This strategic direction is set to enhance safety, boost productivity, and reduce costs across the fleet industry.

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