Classic Pink Tractor Rolls Out with New Greenex Tyres to Support Dementia UK

R H Claydon Ltd has partnered with Tanvic Tyres and GRI Tires to supply and fit two new GREENEX RT100 Bias Tractor tyres to Anna Griffiths' beloved Little Pink Fordson. This classic tractor, painted in a striking pink and blue, aims to raise awareness and funds for Dementia UK through its participation in various events and tractor runs this year.

Anna Griffiths, the driving force behind this initiative, has set an ambitious goal to raise £10,000 for Dementia UK, a charity close to many hearts. Her uniquely painted tractor is a beacon for the cause, drawing attention and support at every event. "If you see the Little Pink Fordson at any of the many events planned for this year, please go say hello," Anna encourages.

Image credit R H Claydon Ltd

The newly fitted GREENEX RT100 Bias Tractor tyres are a significant addition to the Little Pink Fordson. These specialised tyres are designed for both on and off-road use, featuring optimised lug angles and a unique self-cleaning terracing in the space between the lugs. This innovative design enhances the tyre’s performance in soft soil and mud, ensuring that the Little Pink Fordson can navigate any terrain it encounters.

The RT100's new tie bar design provides better lug stability on hard surfaces, while its dual-angle design with steep angles at the centre ensures rider comfort and improved soil cleaning. The shallow angle at the shoulder offers excellent traction in the field, and the strong nylon casing guarantees optimal durability and power transmission.

The key features of the GREENEX RT100 include:

  • Designed for soil preparation and spraying applications.
  • Dual-angle lug design for versatile on and off-road capabilities.
  • Strong nylon casing for better power transmission.
  • Higher number of lugs for improved traction and stability.

Anna's efforts to support Dementia UK through her Little Pink Fordson are commendable, and the addition of the GREENEX RT100 tyres will undoubtedly enhance her ability to raise awareness and funds for this vital cause.

For those wishing to support Anna Griffiths and Dementia UK, donations can be made through her fundraising page on JustGiving here.

Every contribution helps in the fight against dementia, a condition that affects countless individuals and families.

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